Scientists have proven the effectiveness of fasting for life extension

Reducing calorie intake slows the aging process. This is because the ribosomes reduce their activity, which in turn gives them more cellular resources for self-healing.

This was reported by scientists from Brigham young University in the USA, published his article in the journal Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. Briefly about it it is reported on the website of EurekAlert!.

Ribosomes are called organelles cells, which are involved in protein synthesis. They consist of peptide molecules and RNA and constantly need replacement of its components. The imbalance between the pace of recovery and deterioration of ribosomes leads to the development of neurodegenerative diseases, cancerous tumors and reduces life expectancy.

Up to that time was unknown how to influence the update of these organelles, although studies have demonstrated the role of low-calorie diets in reducing the rate of protein synthesis in cells.

In their research, the scientists used mice which were divided into two groups. Animals in one of them restricted in the diet, others were fed normally. After 10 weeks, the rodents began to die after a certain period of time. From the cells of mouse liver ribosomes were isolated, and then analyzed the composition forming their proteins and RNA. Based on this data, biologists determined the rate of exchange of the various components of ribosomes.

Thus, scientists found that calorie restricted mice the rate of cell division decreased by 25%. In addition, in the cells themselves decreased the activity of ribosomes and the rate of metabolism of proteins. This has increased the rate of degradation of ribosomes (ribofavin), indicating the acceleration of the replacement of their damaged parts with the new one.

According to the researchers, their findings show the benefits of moderate fasting for mice, but it is too early to talk about the positive effects of restrictions in food for people. Future research will show exactly how a particular diet affects the metabolism in human cells, and it will allow you to develop strategies to increase life expectancy.

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