French lessons

For a long time the international community’s attention was focused on France held presidential elections. Over these processes with great attention in Armenia. What is the usefulness of these French lessons?

First, we note that attention to France is an old and stable tradition that dates back to the days when this country was the political and cultural hegemony of Europe, and therefore the entire world this era. Education, culture, public opinion — everything was frankiestein. This lasted until the 20-30-ies of the last century.

After the war, the hegemony passed to the Americans (the loss of the cultural hegemony of the French can not forgive until now). But as they say, traces remain. There are immortal “Again spring, and again I want to Paris”, but no, and judging by all and will not “Re-spring, and again, like in new York.” And not even a particular desire to go on a spring London.

In addition, Armenia has traditionally had a special relationship with France. It was always assumed that France is the first ally of Armenia in Europe, which protects our interests. Not to mention a pretty large and well-organized Armenian Diaspora in France.

But there is another, purely internal interest to the fire of Paris.

The fact that the political system of Armenia is still far from the ideal model of liberal democracy, the representative form of government and a systematic change of power is possible, of course, deny in any way. But such statements are unlikely to be particularly persuasive. Against objective reality will not do anything.

But especially can’t idealize and French elections. Largest and most influential media all together supported exclusively Macron, and of his opponent told in the spirit of “God forbid!”.

Let us also remember the call of the outgoing President Hollande, members of the government containing solid mission: to make every possible effort to marine Le Pen received the minimum possible number of votes in struggle for a post of the head of the country(where the Armenians were allowed such a thing?). And prosecutions of competitors Rules, including the Le Pen? Not to mention what was happening during the presidential elections in the United States.

Interesting was also the reaction of Brussels and Berlin. After the first stage of the elections the Ministry of internal Affairs of France has not yet managed to bring the final results, it was not clear who in the first place that him or Le Pen, and the Makron has already started to get active with congratulations on his election victory and promises of multilateral support.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker congratulated the Emmanuel Macron with the results of the first stage of the elections and wished good luck. The head of EU diplomacy Federica Mogherini stated: “I believe the hope of the generation that the French and European flags will be together.”

Foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabrielle was filled with hope: “I’m sure macron will be the new President of France. I personally will do everything to help him.”

The rules of decency and diplomatic ethics still obliged official representatives of foreign countries to put it more delicately in these situations.

And it all is, shall we say, a very natural question: “If this happens in a country of liberty, equality and fraternity, then, dear Europeans, what claims you have towards Armenia, which is not a country of freedom, equality and brotherhood and does not even pretend to be?”

Witness the luxury of the elections (after the elections) we have become in the United States, France, and it is possible that in the spring they will be more luxurious in Germany.

Of course, in response I will say and said: “But democracy is under threat, and what to do? To sit idly by?” Perfect or near-perfect election is possible when candidates differ from each other not more than yellow Satan from blue. In this case, of course, fencing is immensely sophisticated.

But today doubt be the foundations of the current Western system, and there is not to the fencing. Extinguishing the fire, not sorry to break the window.

Suppose that this is so. And all leads to the fact that democracy is valid at small amplitudes of oscillation, and if the amplitude is large, in this case, is another matter. Then comes in fighting democracy, that should be able to defend themselves.

But the toga, the question arises: in Armenia, the amplitude of the probable fluctuation is minimal? So, what can you ask now to arrange a sky-blue democracy? Or in Armenia is also hard in terms of amplitude?

It is a call to reproduce the Parisian luxury. Moreover, it without any calls plays. It’s just a statement of fact. And is unlikely that Western Democrats are so diligently taught.

What they have done, infinitely devalues such lessons.