Twelve fun facts about Russia

Since the beginning of time, mankind has sought to have the best and most significant. During our trip we discussed and learned a lot about the great cultures and countries with various impressive aspects. We have to learn much more, but today we will focus on Russia. It is a huge country, the largest in the world. There live the proud people and culture it has a rich history and a great future.

Hello, I’m Dave Walpole. Welcome to the channel FTD Facts, designed to expand your horizons in all respects. Today we talk about a proud but often misunderstood country. For those who are watching us for the first time: our videos are based on the recommendations of subscribers. To make a story about Russia, we asked the audience under nicknames Russian spy Saumyadeep Banerjee, sairam vemula, shakil yusuf and, of course, many others. I really wanted to work on this video, because, honestly, I like Russian girls.

And the question today: what are three of your favorite accent? Good question, you know. Write your options and justifications in the comments.

But back to the Russian girls.

1) Speaking about Russia, one of the most interesting and our number one is the fact that women in number, they are superior to men — telling them to nine million more. According to studies, for every hundred of females accounted for 86.8 men. One reason for this was the Second world war.

2) But not only the war reduces the male population, but also alcohol. In Russia alcohol is the main cause of death among young people. Although 52% of Russian women see this as a big problem, a few dozen studies found that 37% of men die before reaching 55 years of age due to alcohol-related causes.

3) But let’s finish with the negative and move on to the positive aspects. Russia’s population is undoubtedly immense — 146 million people. Only 3/4 of them live in large cities such as Moscow and beautiful St. Petersburg and so on, causing many to believe that, given its size, Russia is the country with the lowest population density, but in fact for every square mile (2.6 km2 — approx. TRANS.) has an average of 21 people. Compare with Greenland, where this figure is zero.

4) so, speaking of population density, let’s be realistic — Russia is huge. It is the largest country in the world, whose area is about 17 075 200 km2, which is roughly equivalent areas of Canada and the United States combined. A significant part of the territory is covered with forests, in connection with which Russia is sometimes called the “lungs of Europe”. And the number of absorbed carbon dioxide Russia’s forests are second only to the Amazon jungle.

5) Another interesting point is the presence of a large number of UNESCO world heritage site — 26. The most stunning of these are the volcanoes of Kamchatka, whose total number is 160, the active 29. They are considered the largest of the active volcanoes of the Northern hemisphere. The sight is really awesome.

6) Russian scientists have made many significant discoveries. One of those that they can count on 100% “their” is a successful attempt to reproduce the oldest plant from seed by the age of 32 thousand years. Flower narrow-leaved Campion (Silene stenophylla) have been grown from the cells of its fruit, despite so long spent in the permafrost.

7) now let’s talk about the imports and exports of this country. The volume of export of Russia is 449 billion dollars and imports 295 billion. The main articles of Russian exports are crude oil (35% of the total) and refined oil (20%), making Russia the second largest oil exporter in the world. The country imports primarily vehicles (5.3 percent).

8) Arriving in Russia, you will also note its beautiful sights. We are talking not only about the architecture of the buildings, but also sculptures. The most famous is the sculpture by Vera Mukhina “worker and collective farm girl”. It is made of stainless steel and reaches almost 25 meters in height. It is located in Moscow, and was first presented at the world exhibition in 1937. The statue was a way of struggle against fascism during the Second world war and were installed just in front topped with a Nazi flag of the German pavilion.

9) Speaking about the achievements of this country, we cannot fail to mention its revolutionary space program. Revolutionary because in its framework it was decided first to send a man into space and fly around the Earth. The first cosmonaut was Yuri Gagarin, went into space on the Vostok spacecraft on 12 April 1961. Thanks to this achievement, the space program, Russia has become one of the most influential and collaborates with scientists around the world.

10) the big country with vast territories and the army is impressive. The Russian army is the world’s fifth largest, the service there are more than one million people plus the two million in reserve, according to the statistics of 2017. This costs the army approximately $ 69 billion per year.

11) since we are talking about the military sphere, will have to talk about the nuclear potential of Russia. In 1988, it was reported, on account of the country at some time was 45 thousand warheads and conducted 715 nuclear tests. But since then there have been a number of important steps to write off a certain amount of deadly nuclear warheads and ships. Today in Russia more than 7 thousand nuclear warheads.

12) Back to achievements, and a lot of them. The level of education in the country is high with more than 600 universities in connection with which the Russians have obtained 27 Nobel prizes in literature, chemistry, and physics, primarily for his contribution to peace consolidation.

Thanks for watching. My name is Dave Walpole, and today we talked about the great country of Russia. If you have suggestions for future editions FTD Facts, write in the comments. We would also like to cooperate with our viewers, so if you live in Russia or any other country mentioned in our releases, and if your country we haven’t talked at all, send your videos to [email protected] and we will try to include you in the next episode.

It was great to talk about this country, about the past through many changes and wars the people of the country that showed the world that he would defend their beliefs and values. Given the global humanitarian support, the country is committed to improving the quality of life of people and provide them with more possibilities. This is the great Russia, which many call the Motherland.