Gutzeit explained why not following in the footsteps Vakarchuk became the Minister of sports

The official said, which made way before it became to manage sports in the country

The Minister of youth and sports, Olympic fencing champion Vadim Gutzeit after the victory of the “public Servants” in the elections refused to go to Parliament and make laws that have since found themselves more effective in the field of Executive power. He also believes that well-known people from the world of sport and culture needs to deal with it in the area that they know well. He told this in an interview with “Today”.

The journalist noted that in recent years in politics, the dominance of professional actors, singers, artists and athletes. However, the examples Vakarchuk, Onishchuk and others show that a good and professional managers in Parliament and the Cabinet of them failed.

“I believe that in such positions, people need to come prepared. They need to work in this direction and in this area. View on my way. I was an athlete, then coach, then worked for a year here in the Ministry, head of the Department. Then I was the head coach, the Director of the Department of youth and sports of the city of Kiev. Now I became a Minister. I went through all the stages of preparation of our athletes from childhood to the adult athlete. I understand you have a child in school, the athletic team of Ukraine. I know that it is necessary to build and purchase for our athletes. It is necessary to go, live and professionally to know. I did… But after finishing his sports career, I worked in this field for 20 years. You gave the example of politicians, well, they’ve never worked in this direction, they don’t know what to do,” said Gutzeit.

He also noted that a year ago decided not to go to Parliament, even though he was in the top of the election list of the party “servant of the people” because it considered that the Kyiv city administration will be more effective.

The official said that becoming a Minister he was proposed by President Vladimir Zelensky.

“The President has offered me. It was a common meeting with professionals from the sports that I have heard, he heard my vision, I see the development of sport, attitude to sport, athletes and coaches. I was explaining my program and what I see. There were many experts. At the meeting, I was one (candidate for the post of Minister),” he said Gutzeit.

As reported by news of the “Today” Ukrainian sport in 2020 due to the coronavirus has missed more than two billion hryvnia. The reason for this was the redirection of part of the sports budget of the country, as, indeed, some other areas to fight the pandemic coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the NSC “Olympic” was opened to all comers. Now it is possible to run, work out at various venues.