Auto avtonomera: how to legalize half a million “peresichny”

In Ukraine, by different estimations, from 50 thousand to half a million bonded cars. Cheap used cars Ukrainians go abroad. And not to pay taxes, do not remove the car with foreign registration. According to the law on the transit of cars in Ukraine can be 5-10 days. From the weekly checkpoints create traffic jams of hastening the time to go to Poland, Slovakia or back. In 2014, in Ukraine counted 61 thousand vehicles with foreign registration, for the year they crossed the border of 1.5 million times.

Periodically transients protest: block the roads on the borders and require the Parliament to increase the period of stay of cars , and lower customs fees. The organization “Auto Euro Force” September 6, holds rally under the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet. They demand to make customs clearance more accessible and to abolish the environmental standard Euro-5 for supported machines. What will happen with transit vehicles, understand the website “Segodnia”.

Ukrainians buy cars with foreign numbers

In Europe, supported by foreign car sold for $ 2000 – $ 4000 in Ukraine for the same asking for 6-10 thousand. On the Ukrainian sites ad hundreds of offers of “bonded sell the car.” While selling such cars in the country is prohibited.

Now sand customs clearance in Ukraine, paying 10% tax on the value of the car, 20% VAT and excise duty, which depends on the engine size. For example, if you buy in Poland used car Ford Focus Mk2 2012 release with an engine displacement of 1600 CC and mileage 100.7 thousand km, it will cost 4288 euros. Of this amount will have to pay the fee – EUR 428,8; excise tax – at a rate 0,267 € per cubic cm is 427,2 Euro; the tax to the Pension Fund 3% – 154 EUR plus 20% VAT of the car value along with excise duty and duty – 1029 euros. Overall, the Ford Focus will cost € 6327.

“Peresechenie” forced every five days to leave Ukraine. Photo:

Ukrainians had every five days to cross the border, to create a scheme for registering a car in the Lithuanian or Polish company, and then sell. Not only citizens of Ukraine can legally drive a car with foreign registration. To circumvent the law overseas make company that power of attorney convey the Ukrainians a car or register one of my employees. One such company can be registered at 2000-3000 machines. Moreover, the car after the purchase remains the property of the company. The car can be confiscated or taken away through the courts, says Oleg Nazarenko, Director of the Ukrainian Association of auto importers and dealers. Residents of border areas who buy cars in Poland and other countries. Closer to them to cross the border. Daily “peresichnyi” create queues at checkpoints. And sometimes they’re blocking the road or protesting at the Parliament with demands to extend the period of stay in Ukraine.

In January of this year, the organization “Auto Euro Force” blocked the entrance to Kiev. The activists demanded that the deputies adopted the bill 5567. He would have to pay customs charges on cars older than seven years almost 30 years. Now organizations say they do not support any specific bills.

“We offer to pay money in the budget. We do not propose to violate any laws. we want to legalize all the cars on avtonomera who travel around the country. You need to stop to give the car for luxury. This vehicle”, – said the press Secretary Eldar Salimov.

How to solve the problem with transients

The problem with uncleared cars is increasing like a snow ball, said the lawyer on customs law Olga Nikolaenko. The Ukrainian legislation allows to deal with illegal car fines and confiscation. However, there has been little interaction customs service and the police.

“The police can’t track what mode and on what grounds is one or the other car with foreign registration. Since the state took supine position – the problem with uncleared cars is increasing like a snow ball. Already, the owners of not cleared cars require special conditions. By law, you need to draw up protocols and to confiscate such vehicles”, – said the Executive Director of the Association “the Customs of the lawyers.”

In Ukraine, from 50 thousand to 1.5 million bonded cars. Photo: Archive Of “Today”.

In August 2016, the President signed law No. 3251 preferential excise duties on used cars that meet the environmental standard Euro-5. It lowered the cost of customs clearance by 30-40%. However, the benefits are valid until 31 December 2018. The Deputy head of the West Ukrainian Association of transit car owners Vasiliy Antonyuk believes that in order to solve the problem with transients need to introduce a law on a permanent basis. He also proposes to cancel for used car ekostandart Euro-5 limits to the age of the imported car in five years and the purchase of one car in one hand. Then the transient clearing of the machine and will pay taxes in Ukraine, said Antoniuk.

“In Europe, the environmental standard only applies to new cars, our politicians have used it for both the new and for supported. If ekostandart to replace mandatory inspection before import to Ukraine, the country will not get clunkers” – he said.

To reduce taxes it is necessary not only for used cars, and new, said Oleg Nazarenko: “I have always said that I am for the abolition of taxes on all imported cars. We are interested in the cars became more accessible for the Ukrainians. But I am against that chosen imported car without tax. The solution is simple – reduce taxes on cars for all Ukrainians, not just supported, to make the Amnesty, to give the opportunity to import a car on a common basis. The tax should be reduced, but it has to pay,” adds the Director of VAID.

What threatens a violation of the law

Without registration to drive a car with foreign numbers, the Ukrainians can five days in one area and ten days, when movement in several areas. The alien to use uncleared machine can be no more than one year.

However, the police has no right to stop the car on avtonomera and check on violation of customs regulations, Director of legal Affairs of the company “Octave Capital” Tatyana Andrianova.

“Establishing the fact of violation of customs regulations by the police today is not possible because of the lack of access to the customs data base and therefore they have no legal grounds for the detention of foreign cars”, – says the lawyer.

In Ukraine the owners of uncleared cars require legalization .Photo:

Fine “peresichny” can customs. If your car is one day more than is necessary by the customs code, the driver faces a fine of 85 hryvnias. If the car stayed in the country from 1 to 10 days – will have to pay a fine of 3400 UAH, more than 10 days – 8500 hryvnia. If the car belongs to a foreigner, and driving Ukrainian – the car can be confiscated. And Ukrainians can be arrested in the case, if he refuses to pay the fine.

What threatens the Ukrainians who have violated the customs code:

  • The car stayed in Ukraine for a day – a fine of 85 hryvnias
  • From 1 to 10 days – a fine of 3400 UAH
  • More than 10 days – a fine of 8500 UAH
  • Refused to pay the fine – car arrest

If the foreigner has brought to Ukraine a car, and returned home without it – the Ukrainian customs officers can contact the country the resident with the requirement to fine the offender. In addition, the machines without registration can be declared wanted.