Russia began to artificiality the Arctic: concerns, not only in the United States, but China

According to some information, at the parade this year will be the debut of Arctic air defense system.

Such air defense systems as “Thor” and “Shell” installed on a vehicle specially designed for travelling on snow. This system captures the training ground in the North of Moscow.

Moreover, the all-terrain vehicle DT-30, which established these air defense systems, was developed specially for the Russian troops that are in the Arctic. In addition, as for the MI-8 helicopter, which standard is used in the Russian army, he developed a modified version for the extreme cold. The upgraded helicopters have already been put into service.

In April, construction began on the multipurpose ship “Ivan Papanin”, which may conduct its activities in the Arctic. It is planned that the ship will come into service of Russian Navy in 2019. In the near future will begin the construction of a second ship.

Thus, Russia is actively developing Arctic technology. Behind this is the increased military presence of Russia in the Arctic.

For example, in April of this year, the Russian defense Ministry released photos of a military base, which was built on the Land of Franz Joseph.

This database is called “Arctic Shamrock”. It was built as a military facility for a dislocation of divisions of antiaircraft defense of the Northern fleet of Russia. As the name implies, the feature database consists of three domes that are arranged in the form of a trefoil.


The building is painted in bright colors of the Russian flag. It is assumed that it can support the livelihoods of 150 troops when the air temperature is minus 80 degrees.

Base of the Northern fleet is also located on Kotelny island, however, the “Arctic Shamrock” is located North: the coordinates of 80 degrees 47 minutes 38 seconds North latitude, so it is the most Northern in the world structure.

The restoration of an abandoned Soviet airfields

The expansion of the military presence in the Arctic is not limited to just that.

In 2014, the Russian forces have established Arctic brigade. The Northern fleet was awarded the status of a joint strategic command. Was created a system in which command of the Northern fleet manages the army and air force Arctic.

Moreover, subsequently in the Arctic will be formed brigade of coastal defense, air defense brigade and so on. Simultaneously, Russia started to restore the network abandoned Soviet airfields.

Why Russia is so keen refers to the militarization of the Arctic?

The region is patrolled by nuclear-powered submarines equipped with ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. Also there is the route of the bombers.

That is why during the cold war, the Arctic was a strategically important region, but then it was covered with thick ice. Therefore, the courts remain there was impossible. We can say that the battlefield extended only to the sea and the sky.

In recent years, as a result of global warming there is a tendency to a reduction in Arctic ice. The situation is changing. For example, initially the Russian nuclear submarines in the Arctic ocean, could only detect us nuclear submarines.

However, if the ice melts, the search will also be able to engage in anti-submarine aircraft and vessels.
Or the ships of class “aegis” equipped with a defense system against ballistic missiles, will extend into the Arctic ocean, they will be in an excellent position to destroy ballistic missiles launched from Russia.

Russia needs at all costs to secure the superiority at sea and in the Arctic atmosphere in order to maintain a nuclear deterrent.

Concerns about Chinese expansion into the Arctic

Also one of the reasons for militarization of the Arctic is the Northern sea route linking Europe and Asia along the shortest route, and enormous energy resources.

That is why Moscow attaches great importance to the Arctic, but this reason is not sufficient for such a hasty militarization. The fact that, according to experts, the Northern sea route and the energy will bring economic dividends very soon.

However, the Russian side cares about their interests in the region in the long term.


Russia fears that China is stepping up its economic activities in the Arctic. In this regard, there is a possibility that the Chinese Navy will mark its presence in the region to protect trade and energy interests.

Currently, in the Arctic there is no military presence of China, however, the area of activities of the Chinese Navy is gradually expanding to the North: in 2011, he appeared in the sea of Okhotsk, and in 2015 — in the Bering sea.

Someday the day will come when the Chinese warships will pass through the Arctic ocean. I think this day is in the field of view of the Russian military presence in the Arctic.