Piontkovsky: After the failure of trump the Kremlin can win in Ukraine

Moscow is in a state of complete confusion after the failure of bets on the US President Donald trump, the Kremlin’s agents failed, the man most close to the Kremlin in the American administration, Michael Flynn resigned from the post. Wrote about this in his column on “Apostrophe” Russian political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky.

According to him, it is possible that Putin in connection with failures on all fronts, could start a provocation against Ukraine, where he still has an impact.

“The confusion and lack of Kremlin strategy is a reflex, a nervous reaction because of the failure and assignment of the war party in Russia, which insists on escalation of the conflict. This party war now thrives primarily on television. The last three days of the TV show mad busy inciting hatred against Ukraine. And so in the Donbas can expect military provocations. Putin understands that a serious military escalation – attempt to take Mariupol, for example – will cause a very strong reaction. So, I think Putin will be limited to crimes of small and medium scale,” Piontkovsky wrote.

We will remind, on February 18, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the recognition in Russia of the documents issued to citizens of Ukraine and stateless persons residing in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine.

In turn, political scientist Alexander paly believes that the recognition of “DNR and LC documents” Putin prepares the ground for the creeping annexation of the Donbass.