Ukrainians waiting for a record-expensive heating: what to do to pay less

After a few weeks in the state banks resumed the issuance of “warm loans.” Any Ukrainian can get money to replace Windows, installing a new boiler, insulation. Part of the amount (from 30 to 70%) is compensated by the state, and the rest will have to return to the Bank for three years. This heating season, experts believe, may be the record-expensive for Ukrainians. The website “Today” figured out how to properly prepare for the heating season and where better to invest money.

How much will you pay for the heating subsidy

In April, the government decided to revise the subsidy program. As a result, the Ukrainians from the “utilities discount” in the heating season will have to pay much more.

Standards reduced. Last winter for heating per square meter subsidy covers or 5.5 cubic meter of gas or 0,0548 Gcal of heat per square meter. This year the revised standards. In October of heating per square meter will give 0,0431 Gcal or five cubic meters of gas. For example, if in a housing area of 60 square meters were giving 330 cubic meters of gas, then this season will give only 300 cubic meters. If you do not reduce consumption, 30 cubic meters (about 200 Euro) will have to pay yourself.

If the apartment is 60 square meters this heating season to consume at the rate which was in force until April 2017, the grant will not cover 0,7 Gcal. In the capital of such amount of thermal energy is 991,8 hryvnia. In fact, the Ukrainians subsidies will either have to pay more or consume less.

The heating season was reviewed. Before a subsidy for heating allocated all Ukrainians on the first of October to 30 of April. This year the heating season for the Ukrainians, who are themselves heated houses and apartments, will begin October 15 and will end on 15 April, will last for one month more. If you start to heat earlier or to finish later, the heat will have to pay without subsidies. By the way, for homes with Central heating and the duration of the season will not change. As now, the beginning and the end of the season will determine the local authority.

The subsidy will be recalculated. Discount the Ukrainians count twice a year: in may and in October. In October, the subsidy will be recalculated taking into account the income for the last four quarters – that is, the past year. In January of this year the minimum wage raised twice – from 1600 to 3200 hryvnia. As a result, the Ukrainians, which have the “minimal” this winter will have to pay for communal services at a discount to take account of new income. Proportionally to the increase in income reduces the subsidy. As calculated in the Finance Ministry, this will allow the state to save on the subsidies roughly 5 billion hryvnia.

How to pay less

In winter, up to 70% of the amount in the payment – the cost of heating. The majority of the Ukrainian high-rise buildings correspond to the lower classes of energy efficiency – “E” and “F”. That is losing from 30 to 70% of the heat. Giga-calorie “go” through non-insulated Windows, walls, basement, roof, ventilation system, etc. According to the adopted by Parliament Law “On commercial accounting utilities” in the near future on all high-rise buildings will appear heat. On average, the expert of the National ecological centre of Anna Shumeiko, in houses with heat meters for heat pay 20-30% less. However, if the house is in bad condition, after installation of the meter the amount in the payment can be even higher than without the counter.

The only way to pay less is to hold energy modernization and to reduce consumption. Full insulation of high-rise buildings with the installation of heat exchangers can cost several million hryvnia. The Cabinet of Ministers planned in April to launch the energy efficiency Fund, which should Finance the work. However, the Fund never launched.

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In addition, there are municipal co-financing program and the state program “Warm loans.” Recently the government has decided to allocate “warm credits” 300 million hryvnia. Every Ukrainian family or condominium can take the credit funds for the replacement of Windows, purchase of materials for insulation, etc.
In the past year to compensate for loans from the state budget allocated 884 million. However, experts point out: the main disadvantage of “warm loans,” banks can’t control whether the money spent will affect the energy efficiency. The most part of credits (about 67%) was given for the replacement of Windows. The replacement of Windows without installing the substation and the insulation on the heat savings of a high-rise building is not affected.

How much to spend in the summer to the winter to pay less

In summer, the Ukrainians need to be concerned about the state of the heating to flush radiators, clean out the boilers in the basement, I’m sure an expert in the field of energy efficiency, Manager, DTEK ESKO Anton Kovalishin. In the capital, in most cases, utilities need to upgrade. “Rusty pipes, outdated heating units, which came into disrepair thermal insulation can pose a threat to your home, because the equipment can break at any moment, and decrepit insulation increases heat loss. Sometimes normal repair may not be sufficient, and the heating system should be changed completely”, – says the expert.

In the process of modernization of the heating system is better to install individual heat points (ITP) with automatic climate control the temperature of the coolant. Such a device will pay for itself in a few heating seasons.
Practically in each apartment building has tenants who independently increase the heated area, for example, demolished walls to the balcony and move the radiators. Or do radiators are installed of big size. This leads to the imbalance of the heating system of the building: some apartments heat does not reach, and in others becomes too hot. “To rectify this situation at the level of each apartment is unrealistic, the owners simply will not allow it. But it is possible for the risers to install a special balancing valves and pumps to all apartments was equally comfortable – not cold and not hot during the heating season,” advises Anton Kovalishin.

“To rectify this situation at the level of each apartment is unrealistic, the owners simply will not allow it. But it is possible for the risers to install a special balancing valves and pumps to all apartments was equally comfortable – not cold and not hot during the heating season,” advises Anton Kovalishin.

The fastest way to pay off the installation of ITP with automatic weather regulation, balancing of risers. Such events will cost from 300 to 700 thousand hryvnias and will pay off in 2-3 of the heating season. Comprehensive insulation of the building can be paid off over 7 years. By the way, in addition to the “warm loans” and city programmes co-financing is another way to find money is to enter into an agreement with the energy service company. They will work at their own expense, guarantee savings, and your investments will return at the expense of savings.

Without the help of neighbors to save heat difficult. Experts advise: at the level one apartment it is easier to save electricity. For example, to install a multi-zone meter, energy efficient light bulbs and smart outlets. “DTEK ESKO starts selling sets of energy efficient products “Smart WATT”, which includes the electric meter, LED light bulbs and “smart” socket with timer”, – says Anton Kovalishin. Read more about how to pay less for “light”, can be found here.