Debate Rules and Le Pen

20:50. The arrival of the candidates in the Studio

Marine Le Pen arrived at the Studio first, followed by Emmanuel macron.

20:59. Hollande said about “unusual” debate in which they agreed “two concepts of France, Europe and the world”

Communicating with the press during a trip in Paris, françois Hollande said about the “unusual” nature of formal debate. “This is a very unusual debate, because they converge for the first time a candidate from the Republic and candidate of the extreme right,” — said the head of state. The incumbent President did not give “advice” to his former Minister, Emmanuel macron, and the said he wants to debate “showed that they face not just two individuals or two projects, and two concepts of France, Europe and the world”.

21:10. Marine Le Pen: “I am the candidate of the people”

The first floor was taken by the candidate from the National front. “The French would be a very clear choice: Mr. macron — candidate wild globalization, the war of all against all, directed by Mr Hollande, who is clearly at the helm”. “I am the candidate of the people, a candidate who defends the French”, she added.

21:17. Emmanuel macron: “I’m bringing the French spirit of conquest”

“You have demonstrated that you do not have the discernment of the spirit, answered the candidate from “Forward!”. — Thank you for this demonstration.” “You carry a spirit of defeat. Globalization is too difficult, you need to close the borders. As if that will solve the problem. I also carry a French spirit of conquest”.

21:24. Candidates argue about the sale of SFR

Makron: “You engaged in innuendo. French and France deserve the truth”.

Le Pen: “They certainly deserve the truth.”

Makron: “I was not a Minister when sold SFR”.

Le Pen: “What, sorry? You were Minister? You were a Minister with the full freedom of action on these issues. Montebourg was against the sale of SFR Dray, and on the same day as Montemuro changed, you immediately signed the decision about sale”.

Makron: “SFR was the property of a private company Vivendi, and in our state with respect to private ownership. Don’t be silly. While you only heard they. I know something about these issues. You do not talk about this topic and about the Alstom and General Electrics. And it already absolutely other question. I was not a Minister, Montebourg was fighting against it. We would further consider these issues, but here you will not last long”.

21:32. Le pen accused the Makron in the implementation of the labor reform

“You’re trying to make everyone forget that you were part of the government, which spent labor reform El Hamri: she loosened the labour market and increased unemployment after you are gone, — said the candidate of the NetFront. — See you again dumped with this responsibility. We have already seen that I can give the steps that you have to offer. I say that we need to move away from all this and pursue a policy of protection of employment and development of small and medium businesses. It creates jobs in the country.”

“You don’t answer questions, but only talk about the past and others: the French understand that you have nothing to offer, — said the former Minister. Fine. I answer. Small and medium business looking for more visibility, and in contrast to large companies that have to deal with a complex structure, he wants a greater adaptability to economic conditions. The construction of the enterprise with two employees completely different purpose compared to the startup of the Internet industry”.

21:41. “I was the Minister of the budget and the Prime Minister”

The candidate from “Forward!” said it is committed to “saving for tax cuts for businesses and families.” For this reduction it is proposed to reduce the cost of 60 billion. In particular, he returned to the initiative for 80% reduction in property tax. “If economic growth is higher than expected — the highest mark in my budget is 1.8% — this will be aimed at reducing income tax, that is, reduce the burden on families,” he said. Marine Le Pen once said about his “responsibility” for what the high taxes we have now to pay people. “I was the Minister of the budget and the Prime Minister,” said macron.

21:52. Le Pen: “I am the candidate of purchasing power, you’re a candidate the ability to buy”

The daughter of Jean-Marie Le pen stressed the importance of purchasing power. He made a list of the tax and economic proposals for economic recovery of France. “I have to return the money to the French: 10% reduction for the first three levels for income tax, removing tax from overtime, a 5% decrease in tariffs for gas and electricity, which have been repeatedly increased, and the increase of small pensions.”

“I am the candidate of purchasing power, you’re a candidate the ability to buy, because your company bought and sold everything, including people. You are considering a human relationship only through the prism of what it may bring. I hold entirely different views.”

22:06. Social security

“I want to save social security,” — said marine Le Pen, noting primarily the need to combat the crisis in medicine. The candidate from “Forward!” for the first time in this debate said that he supports “the recommendations” of the opponent. “But as for medications, I have bad news: 80% of them produced abroad, he added. — However, marine Le Pen wants to impose taxes on imports, which will make medicines more expensive. In life it doesn’t work. I say this to show the inconsistency of what you offer to the French.”

22:16. Le Pen accuses rival of “pandering to Islamic fundamentalism”, macron says that for him “security”

Issues of security and terrorism was raised by both candidates. “Security and terrorism the major theme, which is completely absent in the draft Macron, — said Le Pen. — To leave the country 11 000 people who have a connection with fundamentalism, a real shame.” Then she collapsed on the former Minister because of his alleged ties with the Union of Islamic organizations of France: “you Have no project, but is pandering to Islamic fundamentalism, and you don’t notice where they lead you. We saw this with the example of the ACS. You blackmailed: either you leave it or SIOF vote will be called against you. You prefer to keep the support, not to condemn his misconduct.”

“Safety is the priority, my priority for the coming years — said Emmanuel macron. — Send all the potentially dangerous people in jail or expel them from the country is pointless, it will tell you any professional intelligence. I for surgical measures, and not General, as Mrs. Le Pen, which will impede police work. From November 2015 we have restored border controls, the Schengen area allows you to do it. As a result, we were able to check 70 thousand people. Your suggestions, as always, is one of quackery”.

22:29. Makron: “the Jihadists dream to marine Le Pen came to power”

“The jihadists dream to marine Le Pen came to power in France, because they tend to radicalization and civil war, which you bear our country — went on the offensive, the candidate from “Forward!”. — They prepare a trap for us civil war, insulting France and raising havoc in our country. There’s no way I won’t allow it”. “I never offended anyone because of his origin and religion, Mr. macron, but you twist the old record: you are young on the outside but old on the inside” — said Le Pen.

22:35. Makron: “neither repentance, nor the denial of the” colonization

The debate was raised a painful question of colonization. “Do you not feel some responsibility when you go to Algeria and say that France committed crimes against humanity?— asked Le Pen. And when some young people said that the answer to this crime?” “All of us now have to pay, and dearly, for all those little appeasement and concessions to radical Islam,” she added.

“No repentance, no denial,” replied macron. — During the war in Algeria was a tragedy that affected our citizens, Hark returning to the land of their people. I want to turn the page, and not to dwell on the war stories. I have neither repentance, nor denial.”

22:51. Sharp disputes about the European Union

Another significant stumbling block for the two candidates became Europe. According to marine Le Pen, the EU must “give way to the Alliance of sovereign Nations”: “Nations will retain the freedom to make their own decisions, to control the borders and the currency. This is extremely important for protection against unfair competition, social and monetary dumping.” She recalled that her opponent is in favour of free trade agreements like CETA and TAFTA.

Emmanuel macron, in turn, criticized the position of a candidate from the National front for the Euro: “a Large enterprise can pay in euros and to pay wages of an employee in francs. It is not understand that, MS Le Pen. What you did the weekend with Mr. DuPont-Aignan, says a lot about your malicious views.”

23:07. Makron: “My family lived through the war and I’m against nationalism, which you have to offer”

Marine Le Pen criticized the Emmanuel Macron in Germany, saying that he is the Chancellor. “You went for a blessing to Angela Merkel. You even said, “I’m not against it, and with it”. In any case, Sunday at the head of the French woman: or I or Angela Merkel.”

Macron replied, referring to nationalism: “My family lived through the war and I’m against nationalism, which you have to offer. You may laugh, but I’m not funny. Your project is protectionism and isolationism, war with others, as was the case for centuries”. “You are wrong to consider the history, — said marine Le Pen. Apparently the history of France interests you no more than its culture and art.” “We look at it, and you offer a way out of history,” — said the leader of “Forward!”.

“We are dealing with an imbalance in the relations of Germany and France, — said the candidate of the National front. — The relationship needs to be balanced, we must not submit to the demands of Germany. The war started because of the subordination which you now play. You achieve the economic subjugation of Germany, which is very serious. We are talking about our independence and sovereignty, protecting the interests of the French.”

23:13. Le Pen: “the World is waiting for France, but she needs to regain independence”

On the question of future relations with Russia, the US and rest of the world Emmanuel macron replied that he would follow the course “of De Gaulle and Mitterrand”. “I aspire to France to make peace, he stressed. — My priority will be the fight against Islamic terrorism, and I will offer Donald Trump to continue the fight. It is our partners, we need them. We were in the same camp. I would encourage Trump to continue work on climate change: civil society takes a different point of view, than himself, and he realizes it’s in his best interests.”

Marine Le Pen believes that “France will regain respect, if will once again be France with an independent voice. The world is waiting for France. But she needs to regain independence. So repeatedly received General de Gaulle”.

23:28. Makron: “the Mother of all battles — elementary school”

For Emmanuel Macron education — “the first building in the reconstruction of the country.” “The mother of all battles — elementary school, he said. — Further efforts should be made for guidance. Today young people from poor families have a diploma but she doesn’t know where to go. This is the essence of the proposed reform of the universities. The last point is the development of industrial training. Many young professionals are unable to succeed with only some theoretical knowledge. Production training is necessary, and its rules should be simplified”.

“The school was destroyed by the socialists — said marine Le Pen. — There ceased to teach French, introduced the study of the languages of the countries of origin, refused to grammar and repetition for the sake of economy, undermined the authority of teachers. Need to get back to discipline in the school.”

23:26. Le Pen: “France, which you defend, is not France, and the market square”

Candidates are allowed to choose a topic in its sole discretion. Emmanuel macron have decided to talk about people with disabilities. “I want to raise grants to disabled people for more than 100 euros a month,” he said, noting a desire to ensure that the country “was no more deprived of opportunities for people.” He proposes to create “posts and structure that children don’t need to go abroad”, and also to assist persons with disabilities in enterprises.

Marine Le Pen, in turn, decided to talk about “General philosophy”: “France, which you defend, is not France. This market square. It is a war of all against all. This picture is completely contrary to mine. I believe in solidarity. I believe that France is the nation that has culture and the people. Hopefully. France was plunged into the chaos of your political friends, those who support you in this campaign. It’s time to make a choice of France.”

23:44. Closing remarks by candidates

In conclusion, marine Le Pen said that France loves who she is, “with its culture, heritage, boundaries, and people who deserved better treatment.”

“You call yourself the candidate of openness, but in fact, candidate closure, the closure of factories, kindergartens, hospitals… the Only thing you don’t want to close that border,” she said.

Emmanuel macron also stated that it rejects the “spirit of hate”: “I am against those who use exploits failures and anger. France, my country, is in deep crisis. Associated with he spent the last 20 years of politics, which in turn is linked to failure to achieve unity. I am against the spirit of destruction and hatred, which carries NetFront. I am for the spirit of conquest. We always been a nation of generosity, not of obscurantism”.