Trump wanted to collude, but would this be Putin?

Political memory is short, but it should not be so short. Despite the wave of indignation that rose in connection with the news that a year ago, Donald trump Jr. decided to find out what information the Russian authorities gathered at Hillary Clinton, we shouldn’t forget the press conference that his father gave 27 Jul 2016.

“I’ll tell you: Russia, if you hear, I hope you will find 30 thousand of the disappeared emails,” said trump to reporters in Florida. He was talking about e-mails Hillary Clinton who belonged to the time when she worked for Secretary of state and that she never handed over to the government. “Let’s see if this will happen. This will be the next step.” Trump also made it clear that he regards any interference of a foreign state in the elections as a sign of disrespect towards the Obama administration — that is, as something that was intended to increase its popularity among voters.

Then the opponents trump resented as much as today. “For the first time in history a leading candidate for the presidency actively encouraged a foreign power to conduct surveillance of his political opponent,” said Jake Sullivan (Jake Sullivan), political Advisor to Hillary Clinton. A former Director of Central intelligence Leon Panetta (Leon Panetta) said that trump’s comments were completely “unacceptable”, because actually he “asked Russian to intervene in American politics.”

The American public a year ago realized that trump can not hesitate to benefit from the espionage activities of Russia, aimed against Clinton. (He later wrote on Twitter that asked the Russians to transfer all fallen into their arms emails, Clinton to the Federal Bureau of investigation, however, it was just an attempt to evade criticism.)

Therefore, the public was not supposed to discover anything new in the decision of Donald trump Jr. to meet with Russian lawyer, which he recommended in an email as a representative of the Russian government, ready to share with him the dirt on Clinton. In the summer of 2016, when, according to the results of public opinion polls, trump seriously lagged behind her rival, his family was ready to accept this kind of help not only from the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, but from the devil himself. And trump didn’t make a special mystery. Moreover, unlike his son, he expressed his willingness to accept such help from Russian security services, after it became known about hacking attack on the national Committee of the Democratic party. President Obama and Clinton have made it clear that they will regard it rather as a gap in the system of national security, than as an element of the presidential race. Trump did not pursue this distinction.

Almost all the supporters of trump, with whom I had a chance to talk during the rallies held in the US last year, explaining his preference obvious sincerity trump. “He says what he thinks”, — I heard again and again. In this case, it is also shamelessly say what he thinks, that is, did what admired by his supporters. Many of them Putin is liked more than Clinton, so the willingness to take the help of the Russian President in the struggle against it did not seem something anti-American.

Thanks to the people trump now holds the sweat of the President of the United States. Naturally, in his only comments on the decision of his son to publish e — mails, in the opinion of many people, it was a giant mistake — trump praised his openness and honesty. This was another reason to specify your database on the main strong line of his brand.

In my opinion, in this episode with the Russian lawyer have a much more compelling aspect than the willingness of Donald trump Jr. to take the help of Russia.

It is worth noting that the lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya not had this assistance is obviously not because trump Jr. and Veselnitskaya in one voice say this, but because the campaign headquarters trump never published dirt on Clinton. American PR Manager Rob Goldstone (Rob Goldstone), who organized their reunion, wrote in his letter that Veselnitskaya’ll let Trump Jr. some incriminating information, but it did not.

Most likely, the Kremlin would be not too difficult to use Russian business partners of the trump — like family agalarovyh who took part in the organization of the meeting trump Jr. and Veselnitskaya to send him the right information. However, the Kremlin took advantage of this opportunity.

Since the beginning of the investigation of Russia’s intervention in the American elections it has been several months, but we still have not announced any information which would confirm that Russia had provided support to the election campaign, trump — despite the fact that, as we know, the family trump would this help and what Republican Peter Smith (Peter W. Smith) tried to seek such relief, possibly acting on behalf of the leadership of the election headquarters of the trump.

But to collude, need two. The trump family and their supporters were willing to collude. However, their potential partner obviously did not want to participate. In the best case — though it is still not proven — the Russian government has transferred some of the stolen material to WikiLeaks — notice to the WikiLeaks website, not a campaign headquarters trump.

If the truth is that the Kremlin did not want to collude with the camp tramp — namely, this all points to the probable reasons for this decision are the most interesting part of this story. The most obvious explanation that comes to mind is that Putin simply does not believe in the victory of trump, so he didn’t want to support him, fearing a possible response from the President Clinton. The only thing that Putin could like about trump is his ability to provoke chaos, but it could also turn into a threat. In the end, the Kremlin like predictability, and he largely predictable.

Another possible explanation is that Putin’s experts on America felt that Russia’s help Trump could actually have a negative impact on his campaign. Where trump demonstrates outright carelessness, Russian is smart enough to predict possible political consequences. WikiLeaks has struck a powerful blow to the Clinton campaign, and Trump didn’t even have to participate in hacking and to join with anyone in the conspiracy.

All that remains only a guess. However, I hope that one day we will know the truth. Putin waited a whole year before you divulge the details of planning the operation of the annexation of Crimea in 2014. Maybe sooner or later the day will come when he just decides to talk about the presidential campaign of 2016, and we will be able to put the pieces into a single picture of the hopes and fears of the Kremlin, associated with this race.