The Spectator (UK): the immune system of America has failed

“The American carnage must be stopped here and now,” said President Donald trump in his inaugural address on 20 January 2017. Since then, it took three and a half years, but in the early summer of the year 2020 in America raised a wave of unrest and mass demonstrations which, like a virus, has engulfed many cities across the country. Minneapolis is raging round the clock. His example was followed by Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, new York and Washington. Now the crowd is threatening the White house.

Quite possibly, American carnage is just beginning.

Over the past few decades we have seen many riots in America. But these mass protests, which unfolded against the backdrop of the ongoing global health crisis and the accompanying economic recession, seem to be much more damaging. America is sick, and her immune system fails: a healthy society would act against the rebels and would unite to fight them. But in many parts of America, many large cities in America most sincerely believes that trump is a supporter of white supremacy. These riots — to a certain extent justified — are an understandable reaction to another act of police brutality that killed an unarmed black American named George Floyd (George Floyd).

Social guilt that white Americans feel in front of blacks, stopping first to Express their horror in connection with the burning of buildings and looting shops. Nobody wants to be called a racist. Even the administration trump, who rarely hesitated to deviate from the norms of political correctness, are reluctant to condemn the violence, fearing to alienate black voters, which she needs to attract. When it became clear that the protests got out of control, news agencies finally changed its position from “understandable” to “it’s gone too far.” They especially find black reporters to condemn the criminal actions because blacks cannot be accused of racism. We have seen this many times before.

But this time, perhaps, it works differently. In the current protests there is a new nihilism, which seems almost insurmountable. It is likely we are now seeing a massive explosion of rage caused by prolonged lockdown. The diverse population of American cities was scared to death by the appearance of a new virus. Life in the cities came to a standstill. And now they burn. Let’s for a moment put racial politics aside. Perhaps we are now seeing what can happen if you close a big city in quarantine for many weeks. People are social beings. Our propensity for violence increases when our circle becomes very limited. Like other countries, America really came together to cope with the virus. But this unity did not last long.

The American carnage does not stop. This country is unhealthy.