Researcher of Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin, “Finland again, as in 1939”

Historian, doctor of political science Tarkka Jukka (Jukka Tarkka) believes that the statements of the incoming President on 20 January Donald trump on international agreements the U.S. open the worst possibility.

“The cooing of trump with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the unclear situation with the US role in the NATO Alliance generate worst nightmare. Gloomy forebodings, of course, do not succumb, but the fate of Finland in the mill trump is so small the question of what he can do to us is terrible, not even noticing or even by accident,” writes Tarkka.

According to him, it is easy to imagine that trump and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin will one day decide to “give each other something really nice.”

“What if trump decides to stop talking about the illegality of the annexation of Crimea, and Putin assured him that would be so good that NATO does not want to expand? Hands. The deal would have been a real diamond in the Russian crown, though Putin would have to be eternally grateful to the Tramp. The US it will cost no more than the Baltic States, left in his time at the mercy of the USSR”, − he commented.

It is important to remember that this scenario is not the first case when the major powers agree among themselves about the fate of small States.

“So did the USSR and Germany in 1939, and then Poland, the Baltic States and Finland happened what happened. Then fellow Finland-sufferers are now in a better position than in 1939, but Finland still remains one. If we encounter a worst-case scenario, Finland will be included in the sphere of Russian interests, and not only at request but also on the joint decision of the United States and Russia”, − he said.

Tarkka notes that, in accordance with some applications of the present trump the Alliance commits the United States to be the guarantor of the security of countries so far and in such difficult conditions that this risk, in his opinion, is excessive, and the benefits are negligible.

Last March, trump said the US role in NATO can be reduced significantly in subsequent years.