The rating of regions of Ukraine: where paying less for heating, and where the lowest salary

Each Ukrainian region, as you know, beautiful in its own way. “Today”, focusing on statistics, learned what is notable about each of the regions and distributed to the appropriate category. Note that the ranking involving all Ukrainian regions, except for Lugansk, Donetsk regions and Crimea, as the figures on them are now incomplete.

So, for example, according to the Saee, Volyn OSBB leading amounts taken under “warm loans” — for insulation of high-rise buildings they have attracted 16,62 million. But the most expensive bread, according to the latest data of the state statistics, we have to buy to residents of the Transcarpathian region — an average loaf of wheat bread costs 12.37 UAH/kg while, for example, in Kharkiv region — of 8.71 UAH/kg.

Meanwhile Poltava literally took the lead in the de-monuments: Institute of naramata as of December counted 312 of fallen monuments (for comparison, in the Ternopil region there are only two), of which 174 — Vladimir Lenin.

In the Kherson region there were no surprises: the local farmers have traditionally collected the biggest harvest of vegetables (as of November to 1.12 million tons). The diligent woodsmen were residents of the Zhytomyr region where in 2015 prepared 3.12 million cubic meters. For comparison, in the Zaporozhye prepared only 30.8 thousand, but caught some fish in 2016. The catch amounted to 16, of 420 tons, while in Ternopil managed to catch only 8 tons. Meanwhile, the cattle counted most in Vinnytsia region (309,3 thousand heads), but in Nikolaev — grown pigs less (99,9 thousand against 454,5 thousand — in Kiev). The Rivne oblast was headed by the end of the rating farmers: here, according to the state statistics service, working only 371 farm, while, for example, Odessa region boasts 3966. But the clean air was in the Chernivtsi region — here in 2015 recorded a release of only 34,1 thousand tons of harmful substances, while in the Dnipropetrovsk region recorded 876,5 thousand tons.

As for the Odessa region, according to community members, in 2015 50,1% of roads in the region were in a critical condition (for comparison, in the Kiev region of only 13,14%). But most parks as of 2015 counted in the Cherkasy region — 23, including the famous “Sofievka”. And in Sumy region, only 44% of students provided with textbooks for 7th grade (for comparison, in Kiev — 89%).

But the lowest heat tariffs established in Ivano-Frankivsk region — of 5.69 UAH/sq. m (in Krivoy Rog — of 12.94 UAH). The most modest salary — 3599 UAH — be residents of the Ternopil region, while in the capital the average pay 8436 UAH. Lviv oblast won the championship on the number of villages — they counted 1850 (for comparison, in the Kherson region their 658). But the slow pace of socio-economic development, according to the report of the Ministry 2015 in Chernihiv oblast, which was ranked 23rd (the first went to the city of Kiev and Kharkiv region).