The burial of Lenin still impossible

Year after year in Russia face the same issue: whether to bury Lenin? Anyway, this time the attempt was serious enough to lead to comments of the Orthodox Church and the fury of the Communist party. 20 APR six deputies presented a bill on the expulsion of the father of the Russian revolution from the mausoleum on red square.

Parliamentarians even compare the cost of saving his embalmed body (13 million rubles in 2016) from the budgeted item of the funeral of a senior Manager (4.6 million, taking account of the monument).

On the same day half of the authors of the bill (from the ruling party “United Russia”) hurriedly withdrew the signature. As a result, under the document are the names of only three deputies of the ultranationalist liberal democratic party, joined by a handful of supporters in the Duma. They were attacked with thunder and lightning.

Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov called headed by Vladimir Putin the security Council to consider the issue. “This is not just a call to the public, and the challenge of statehood. This is an attack against the President appeals to unite the society,” he said.


The vigorous leader of the party, the successor of communism, which did not hesitate to call the authors of the bill “scoundrels”, regards as “provocation” this proposal shortly before the birthday of Vladimir Ulyanov (22 April 1870), and especially in the centenary year of the revolution. Impulsively Zyuganov is clearly confused, stressing that Lenin “was buried according to the Orthodox canons, as the burial crypts of the Orthodox tradition”.

The Church also expressed his point of view on this issue. “The burial of Lenin — a question of time”, — stated in the published April 21 press release. “Today, as an image, and the unburied Lenin’s body has become hostage to political disputes in the Russian society,” — said the official representative of the Moscow Patriarchy Alexander Shchipkov.

“For Christians mummification as a form of burial of the deceased unacceptable. In other words, the burial of V. I. Ulyanov (Lenin) is an inevitable step.” Nevertheless, the Church offers to wait, to keep “unity in the community”. The fact that “destructive forces using any excuse to cause civil divide, to pit one part of society, to create a revolutionary situation”.

“Legal vacuum”

Anyway, all this does not scare one of the authors of the bill, Tyumen Deputy Vladimir Sysoev. According to him, the most important thing now is that was formed on the principle of burial in the form of the bill, according to documents 1924 Lenin was buried. His initiative Sysoev wants to fill the “legal vacuum”.

After his death on 21 January 1924, the founder of the Soviet Union was placed in ice for subsequent embalming. The mausoleum became his tomb and at the same time a tourist attraction.

Anyway, about his presence in the red square, there is no consensus. This is not the first year the majority of Russians support the burial of Lenin. According to the survey conducted by VTSIOM on April 21, 63% of respondents in favor of his funeral, and 32% want it as soon as possible.

A study by the Levada center shows the same trend: 58% of Russians — for the funeral, and half of that number wants of his burial in Saint-Petersburg next to his mother, and a third provides position it next to Soviet leaders at the Kremlin wall. At the same time, 56% of Russians believe that the first leader of the Soviet Union played a positive role in the country’s history: their number has increased significantly from 40% in 2006. Thus, 100 years after the revolution page of Lenin has not yet inverted.