Aftonbladet (Sweden): it was struck by lightning during a workout

In Russia in 16-year-old soccer goalkeeper Ivan Zaborovsky was struck by lightning. It happened during training at the weekend, and now the talented boy is in the hospital.

“His condition is stable,” — said the Director of club Igor Mayorov.

Football club in the third division “Banner of labor” from the city of Orekhovo-Zuyevo, located to the East of Moscow, preparing for basic training under quite ordinary, as it seemed, the weather.

“The sky was clear, though overcast, no rain, no wind. If there was a thunderstorm, we don’t train”, — said the Director of club Igor Mayorov.

Still, the inconceivable happened.

In a few minutes after you start exercising right in the 16-year-old goalkeeper Ivan Zaborovsky was struck by lightning.

Was taken to the hospital

Terrible incident was recorded by the camera. The record shows, as the goalkeeper is formed around the cloud of smoke and he falls lifeless to the ground.

On his Twitter page the club informs that the ambulance arrived at the scene within eight minutes. Zaborovsky was taken to a nearby hospital.

“Everything worked quickly, very professional, an ambulance arrived in eight minutes. Most likely, he had stopped breathing, he was given first aid, can, this and remained alive”, — says Igor Mayorov.

⚡ Status of Ivan zaborowski: I know that doctors assess the condition of Ivan as a stable, it was disconnected from the ventilator and gradually withdraw from the artificial coma, said “Football themes” CEO “banner of Labor” Igor Mayorov.

— Znamya Truda FC ? (@ZnamyaTrudaFC) July 7, 2020

Stable condition

The Director of the club on Monday contacted the father of Ivan Zaborovsky, who confirmed that the situation is under control.

“Eyes are the team meets, the dynamics of recovery are positive, will play. How can he do MRI, ECG — we will see”.