The key to Russian diplomacy in the hands of a woman-scientist, which is hunting Putin

On 7 April, the administration launched trump 59 “Tomahawk” on Syrian military installations. Are the measures against the use of poison gas in North-West Syria, April 4. It is obvious that the Assad administration supported by Russia. Also quite naturally, diplomatic sources make different assumptions about the intentions of trump, which is actively sent to President Putin’s love signals during the election campaign:

“Sharp turn of policy in relation to Russia?!”, “No, this is just a demonstration. Russia was informed about it in advance”. Moreover, a missile attack was caused during the visit of China President XI Jinping in the United States, so “this is a threat against North Korea”…

It is difficult to understand the true intentions of President trump, which publishes radical presidential decrees and discouraging their environment, but it is clear that at least the above-mentioned military action is not a love signal sent to Russia. Said the journalist from Washington:

“In February of this year it became known that Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn), who held the position of Advisor to the President for national security, contacted the Russian Ambassador to the United States, with the result that he had to resign. Then it became clear that the Americans treat Russia negatively. It’s easy to imagine that the trump that is responsive to public opinion sharply changed its course”.

Woman who knows all about Putin

In the result, Flynn was replaced by Lieutenant-General of the land forces of the armed forces of the United States Herbert McMaster (Herbert McMaster). The Stephen Bannon (Stephen Bannon), who advised trump and promote Pro-Russian policy, left the national security Council of the United States. Moreover, in April this year the Council includes a woman-scientist.

Her name is Fiona hill (Fiona Hill). At Harvard, she received a doctorate in history. For a long time engaged in the study of Russia at the Brookings University.

“Officially, she took the post of Directors meeting at the White house in relations with Europe and Russia, however, it is known for its strict attitude towards Russia. Hill wrote the book “Putin: operative in the Kremlin” in which she calmly and carefully explores the character traits of the Russian leader. Western experts praised the work” (journalist from Washington).

Fiona hill carefully examines the information about Putin that has been modified in the interests of the Russian Federation, and grain gathering the facts about it. She was considering it in the context of modern Russian history and analyzes his personality in six categories: nationalist, historian, survivalist, outsider, a supporter of the market economy and agent provocateur. Thus she gets to his behavioral psychology. That is why it is Putin’s most uncomfortable man. Even there is information that Russia is a threat to her life.

Anyway, the policy of the President of trump in relation to Russia has changed. What will these change?..

Perhaps the prospects of Russian-American relations will become clearer if you carefully follow the behavior of the key shape, which is Fiona hill.