Scientists have learned about the unusual effects of salt on the human body

Researchers from the Vanderbilt Institute (Germany) found that use of salty food significantly affects the human body, according to “Orthodox”.

In particular, the experts said that salt makes a person more aggressive due to the fact that increases feelings of hunger.

The experts also found that the amount of salt and water intake are interrelated. This relationship can greatly affect the condition of the human body and mood.

For example, salty food decreases thirst, but increases the sense of hunger, which can make a person aggressive. During the experiments, the scientists found that consumption of salty food, the human body loses moisture, as is commonly thought, but on the contrary, it accumulates. Experts believe that the increase in daily salt intake from 6 to 12 grams of the test subjects drank less water which means that most of it remained in the body. This phenomenon is associated with the consumption of salt.

It is worth noting that the transition to another type of consumption occurs during the day. Water conservation in response to the high salt content has pathological consequences. The increased level of glucocorticoids is an independent risk factor for development of diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases.