Reznikov said that if Russia will ask to put water in Crimea

The occupier is only one answer, if they ever stutter over water

Ukraine ready to resume water supply to Crimea only after de-occupation and the withdrawal of Russia from the Donbass. This was stated on air of one of Ukrainian TV channels Deputy Prime Minister – Minister for reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories Alexey Reznikov.

The official said, asked whether Russia to Ukraine for possible negotiations on the resumption of water supply to the occupied Peninsula.

“I about the official appeal of the Russian Federation to Ukraine on water supply in Crimea is not yet known. But if they go to the official Kyiv, will be a very simple answer: to liberate the occupied Crimea to liberate the occupied Donbass, to take away their troops from the territory of Ukraine, and we will restore water supply for the citizens of Ukraine to free Crimea”, – said Reznikov.

Earlier we wrote that in the annexed Crimea, the largest reservoir near Simferopol became shallow until a critical point. Witnesses reported that at the dry bottom now people walk and drive cars, although recently it has been completely covered with water.

We will remind, in April 2017 Ukraine cut off water to the occupied Crimea. On the border of mainland Ukraine with the occupied Peninsula built the dam. However, it has a flap, which at any time can be opened. Therefore, when the Crimea will return to Ukraine, the water will fill 300 kilometers North-Crimean canal.