We are in the trap

It happened at a concert by American singer Ariana Grande. Is not only dead, but also dozens of wounded. Great luck was that the crowd, running in panic, didn’t run over anyone. Pop stars all over the world are in shock and they said this time you can believe, because their business was under attack.

Sound next condolences politicians, another rant about the unacceptability of terrorism, and tough statements that anti-terrorist units will get reinforcements, we will not have to change way of life. Of course, I have to, because security measures will limit large-scale concerts and sporting events around the world, as happened in France will happen in Singapore, where there should be American singer Britney Spears.

The British government has suspended the campaign, and the Ministers of the relevant departments and security professionals spend an extraordinary meeting. The mayor of London Sadiq Khan drew more police to street patrols. The police managed to establish the identity of the terrorist-singles. The police have no doubt that will soon be caught by his henchmen. It seems that the attack was planned for a long time.

To reassure the public — the responsibility of politicians, although they know that against the so-called “lone wolves” they are powerless. They can only play-act, because the rule of law and protection of citizens is the primary function of the state.

But now, after the next terrorist attack, even tolerant and keeping an icy calm British, not to mention the more emotional the peoples of Europe, will require substantial debate about Islam. That is the policy, prepared after any disaster to emphasize the threat of radical interpretation of the Koran, has not come out, hoping for political correctness and criticism of Islamophobia.

The majority of the public knows that the communities are Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, or members of other faiths there is no danger. Diplomatically, the division between Islamists and ordinary Muslims people are not interested, and they know that even lone wolves of Jihad inspires the sectarian view of the Quran and Hadith (rules of conduct), and the Muslim community in which they are usually born in the new country, judging by the polls, not really condemned their actions. By the way, this community believes Islam is more important than the principles, Constitution and policies of the country, which hospitably received them.

What to do if problem is Islam, not just Islamism? Of course, it is impossible to ban Islam and freedom of religion, but it is possible, regardless of citizenship, expelled from the countries of the Muslim preachers of violence, racism, intolerance and all those who require to legalize Sharia.

And here lies the core of the problem. Modern political religion of humanism and unity of mankind, which is considered a fundamental right (not to be confused with humanity, tolerance and ethics) and legalized by the European Union and which, most likely, preaching to the majority of Europeans, does not allow to select migrants according to religious criterion.

The political elite in Europe still believes in the open society of open borders, if wanting to replace the old peoples of the continent. This policy will not end well.