182-day trouble for one important day: how to create a wedding Love story in the pocket

Two weeks ago started our project “dream Wedding”. In the first publication together with experts amounted to step-by-step manual for couples planning the celebration, and told the love story of Lily and Dmitry Blokhin. Their wedding will take place in late may and the preparations are in full swing. Pair helps Kiev wedding organizer Alexander Stasevich. At this stage, Lily and Dima chose the ring, developed the concept of the holiday, planned exit the ceremony and chose the photographers for the Love Story and the wedding photo shoot. We learned from the experts in these areas, how to make a choice, be sure to pay attention to and what are today’s trends.

Responsibly. Dmitri and Lily choose your own ring



  • Victoria Shatohina, the head of the portal Wedding.ua
  • Alexander Stasevich, wedding organizer

“One of the important steps — applying — says wedding expert Victoria Shatohina. It served for a month and 1 day before the desired date of registration. Today there are 2 ways to apply: either apply at any Department of registration of acts of civil status in person or apply online on the web portal of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine or on our website. But if you have no digital signature, you will in any case have to come to the registry office to sign a statement that you filed online.

The cost of services is different in different regions. If it’s just preparation of documents, and you shall sign in the office, the amount will be very modest (about 100 UAH. — Ed.). If you want a lavish ceremony, its official price can reach up to 1000 UAH. On weekends and holidays the cost is doubled. In some registry offices required are the services of a videographer and photographer, as well as champagne and fruit. Hence, the amount of the ceremony will increase. So learn all these details in advance. If you want to quickly register the marriage, it can be done in 24 hours. In Kiev — a document-center “READY!”. But this service is expensive — 4270 UAH just for the registration, which will be held without guests and music”.

About 13 000 UAH will have to pay for dinner for 20 guests.

DRAW THE OCCASION. The preparation for the wedding begins with… pictures — her the couple had to draw in my head.

“Many brides are taken for the organization of the wedding itself and all contractors seeking themselves — says Victoria Shatohina. — To simplify the work on the website wedding.ua we have created a special category of “wedding tender.” It helps to obtain proposals from interested companies for the organization of the wedding. For this bride enough to fill a mini-questionnaire and to specify the desired value services.”

“When the picture is drawn, the next step is to understand what have a budget, advises wedding expert Alexandra Stasevich. — It is possible to consider and plan yourself, but be prepared to spend a certain portion of time and effort. And you can hire a wedding organizer, who will take care of efficient allocation of Finance and will monitor the quality of services (services of the organizer on average cost about 10% of the budget of the celebration. — Ed.).

On the wedding budget is affected by the number of guests. For example, presentable restaurants in Kiev will cost from 650 UAH per person. So, for dinner for 20 guests will have to pay 13 000 UAH (without cake and alcohol. — Ed.). In the regions the spot will cost about 300 UAH. Wedding up to 20 guests with a decent restaurant, minimal decor, no show programs, but with the attire of the couple and the rings will cost at least $2000. Such a small wedding party, usually organize a youth. But if the wedding will be financed by the parents, the number of visitors could increase even up to 300. As for witnesses, they are now either do not take or, as in American weddings, and 5-6 girls — just the bridesmaids who dress in the same dress for a striking photo shoot”.

That photo and the memories of that event was vivid, should think about the highlight of the celebration. “For example, we had “Aviapark” — the bride and groom worked at the airport. Their wedding was decorated with airplanes and did a photo zone in the style of the airport. For a couple who met on the bikes, we had a Bicycle procession. We had a wedding in the hippie and punk. But 80% of the wedding in classic style”. But such a wedding will of course cost more.

The color of the wedding usually depends on the age of the couple. Young brides often choose something pink or turquoise. Last season was a trendy color Marsala (a special shade of red wine. — Ed.). Now using more gold and shiny, especially in the tissues. We recommend you not to do it Saturday is the day of the wedding boom, on Sunday, fewer people. And if you choose a weekday, the restaurants will offer discounts. Last year we had a lot of weddings on Monday”.



  • Roman Seals, the photographer, the company Goodframe

It is considered that photo shoot love story (from the English. — a love story. — Ed.) is a rehearsal shooting couples in the wedding day. “Before shooting, tell the photographer how I see the story says the Roman Lions. This is very important because if the work the photographer does not coincide with the desire of the couples, the lovers will be unhappy, even if the pictures will turn out amazing. For example, I asked to show me pictures from Internet, as similar to the desired result, and the couple find out the maximum of details. Some want to take a picture walk with backpacks, others a coffee date, some boating. In love story, it is advisable to beat the real story Dating couples or real play — then the photo will be natural. Today in fashion reportage photography with emotions.

The price of the photo shoot depends on the time and location — the walk in one place with a duration of 2-3 hours will cost $150-200. On average story turns out 150 frames. Just remember: a beautiful love story will turn out if two people. Because sometimes it happens that the photo shoot wants a girl and a guy doing a favor. And 15 minutes after the start of shooting says: “I’m tired, I’m tired. Enough.” So you should be able to negotiate.”



  • Julia Herr, a wedding photographer

“If Love story can be removed even without makeup, for a beautiful wedding photo shoot brides need makeup a little more intense normal. On the photo it will look natural and beautiful, says Julia. — Better if the bride creates an image along with a make — up artist specialist, as a rule, clearly and beautifully picks up the makeup for the shoot. But the key to wedding photography is… the Groom! It is from his desire to be photographed depends on the atmosphere of the occasion.

The fact is that for most men Photocall — the real test. While working I make sure to joke with the couple in order to relax them. Once the shooting came to be serious, discreet man. The bride was warned that he likes to be photographed not. But we worked so well that at the end of filming for the frame he was eating cotton candy and jumping after a butterfly! Frame “the bride on a palm”, fortunately, has already been successfully died. But recently I’ve had a couple that asked me to make a frame for a laugh. Before doing staged shots, and today is very sought after “live” photos taken in the evening, when soft lighting. For a wedding photo shoot there are two packages: 8 hours — from 6 thousand UAH, and 12 hours of 8-10 thousand UAH”.



  • Natalia devine, master of Ceremonies, Director of event Agency Devina design

“In recent years, becoming more and more popular outdoor wedding ceremony, — says Natalya. — Our girls want everything to be as beautiful as in American films about love that ends in a wedding in the open air, near the arch in flowers. And they are right: outdoor wedding ceremony — it’s great. After all, it can be done near the site of the wedding reception, so — to save time and resources: it is not necessary in the morning to take guests to the register office, and then roll for a photo shoot.

The main attribute of the on-site ceremony — arch. At first it was popular round arches, and then went trend on rectangular. Today exit the ceremony is often carried out on the original background, for example, in the form of beautiful doors, which then perform the function of the zone for the photo shoot. The average ceremony lasts about 20 minutes, and the shortest I got was 5 minutes! Ceremony satisfied couples, even without guests, then to just admire the photo. And the most unusual wedding in my experience was August 31. It was conducted by… Santa Claus!

One of the most anxious moments in the visiting of the ceremony is the vows the couple make to each other. The lovers say an incredibly touching words! Often the couple asked not to give them a microphone — let these words only they can hear. At this moment couples difficult to hold back tears of happiness.”