What accessories for Pets now a trend and how to make a cat house with your own hands

Every cat owner tries to create a comfort your pet. In the house lives a pet, be sure to find a bed/pillow, mouse/ball games, plate, sharpener for claws etc is an integral part of kotorosli. But if some owners used to do most simple things with his hands or emit to the needs of the animal some improvised things, others prefer to buy everything ready-made. And watch, that it was cute and did not spoil the interior, and remove/clean it was easy. Well, since the demand will always be the seller, some manufacturer of cat accessories became its own thing. So, the team of Kiev-Atamanov created the project “Datafabric” specializing in not only selling such devices, but their fabrication and development.

That offer four-footed and what you can create with your hands to be as beautiful as a picture, said experts on cats. From the range of: similarity package/box, which cats love to hide, a substitute for the corner of the sofa, which cute furry animals are particularly fond tear, comfortable place for lying of the animal, etc.


According to businessmen, their first development was a small cat, which they called MilkBox. “Cats love cardboard boxes and milk. So, having tried dozens of design options, we picked the perfect proportions of the house in the form of a Tetrapak of milk”, — says the founder of a startup that, in order to be closer to customers, calls himself the cat muffin. Box is made of sandwich mikrosomalnogo cardboard, which is easy to collect.”

The glue, tape and stapler for Assembly you will need: cardboard parts have special tape type double-sided tape that you want to unglue and glue the necessary parts. Roof mounted plastic clips that are included — they are not only a shelter for the cat, but also a kind of handle for carrying the house. This house is 99 USD.

COCOSPERA. Another home for the pet, which can be found credit goods — lotosfera. Its production took the idea the manufacturers have learned in Japan and Korea, and for a year tried to start production. “The difficulty is that the field consists of many parts made of cardboard that need to be glued in a certain way by hand. “The work is very fine, takes a lot of time and mistakes are visible, so several times we left everything halfway. At the rear of the factory accumulated a mound of dozens of failed prototypes, but one day we did it! Kotoshiro can be used as a home, and as a scratching post,” said the muffin, and his Deputy Martisha. This accessory is 399 USD, but doing it on pre-order.

Cocospera — the most time-consuming accessory, but a fashionable

SCRATCHING post. Because cats are definitely sharpening their claws, the children developed a scratching post. “It’s made of cardboard, plywood sides, pine sticks and packaging. All these items produce on our order different contractors, and then brought to our factory, and here we collect the finished product — say kotomine. — We have specialists who do invent and develop new ideas: the shape, size, composition, design. The focus of this accessory in that the claws do not tear off the pieces of cardboard during scratching, and it is not posted around the house. The cost scratching posts 149 and 199 UAH (small and large).

HAMMOCK. A place for the cat should be comfortable not only his regular user, but the owner is not to be a “dust collector” and is easy to clean. This device consists of birch plywood and striking awning made of natural Coton. For the owner it is maneuverable, durable and low maintenance, and for cat convenient because it takes the form of an animal. Is 349 UAH.


Not always a fashion accessory for pet need to spend money. Who are not alien crafts, you can create a tent or a house of your own, and it will look quite decent. Detailed instructions told muffin and Martisha.

“This will need an old t-shirt, wire, or wire hangers (they will have to rectify), cardboard about the size of 40×40, pins and tape — say craftsmen. — The wire should take the form of a semicircle, and attach the cross-piece tape — formed frame did not move and was durable. At each corner of the cardboard bore holes to fit the wire. It is better to do, stepping back from the edge a couple of inches: then the Board is not so quickly broken during the operation, and the house will be stronger. Then in each hole devem wire frame and bend the ends with pliers. Check that the cat house did not roll to one side if he turned out not absolutely equal, adjust the wire using the pliers. Then fix them with tape so the wire does not stick out and not moving. Now we have to pull itself up the tent. This t-shirt you need to wear the frame to the collar of the entrance, and the rest hardly it was delayed and zavorachivaete inside and fixed with pins so that the excess can not be seen.” Inside the house you can lay a plaid favorite animal. Usually a cat in this house for a long time to invite not necessary.

Samodelkin. Looks quite good, and the cat will love a new home