A woman ten years wore a belly brace from braces

Surgeons have successfully operated on a woman who lived for ten years with a piece of wire arc from braces stuck in the gut. The case was described by doctors in the journal BMJ Case Reports, reports gazeta.ru.

A thirty year old woman in Australia went to the doctors with complaints of abdominal pain. Initial examination revealed that her heartbeat was faster than normal, and the peritoneum inflamed. However, all other indicators were normal. Ultrasound of liver, gallbladder and bile ducts are also found no abnormalities. And only the CT scan has revealed a six-centimeter-fragment of wire stuck in the gut.


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Because of the wire near the woman suffered a volvulus, which cause pain. According to the patient, in her youth, she had braces but pulled them off ten years ago and remembers that she swallowed or lost such a big piece of wire. After surgery, the health and lives of women no longer in danger.