Mont decided to fight the imposed tutoring

In the MES of Ukraine decided to fight the so-called imposed tuition is when teachers pull their students out of lessons for a fee. The problem has been brewing for a long time and numerous complaints from parents have forced officials to pay attention to it. But how to define the line, when parents hire a coach for underperforming as a child and when the teacher itself imposes, arguing that the lesson due to valid reasons (the noisy class, many Laggards, etc.) do not have time to lay out all the material?

“Today” figured out how there is urgent this issue is and how to react to it the participants of the educational process.


To mon see a few ways of dealing with the phenomenon: in close cooperation with parents, who must “blow” on similar facts and raising the social status of teachers. But this initiative was met ambiguously both those, and others. Mainly against tutoring parents of students who are faced with this problem. “The school my children “imposed tutoring” works from time to time when teachers assume some family events or unexpected expenses. My child attended 4 or 5 of these lessons.

“Throw off” the entire class for 10 UAH (in class — 25 people). As far as I know, it is still very sparing,” — says Galina Terekhova, the mother of an 8-grader Alex from Kiev.

Many teachers and some experts in education believe that the problem is exaggerated and it makes no sense to “fight with windmills” by means of denunciations.

“Build a state 1933-1937 Us the head of Department also said that if you (teachers) know about the violations at the school, it is supposed to convey. And instead of real change and the introduction of transparent rules we are going backwards,” says a teacher of SCHOOL №22 of the city of Khmelnitsky Irina Fyut.

But many teachers obeyed the orders of the administration.

“In our school tutoring is prohibited by the order,” — says the teacher from Kherson oblast Natalia Aluc.


Many experts in the field of education viewed the struggle as a personal insult.

“Teachers no one else wants to be — even given the fact that in the pedagogical institutes established for applicants lowest admission points. Teachers have lost the authority they do not respect students and parents, ridicule their all higher. Now here is coming again yoke for a far-fetched problem,”— said the teacher of the Kyiv school Love Vasileva.

A similar idea was expressed by the former Director of the Ukrainian center for educational quality assessment Igor Likarchuk, who believes innovation is a manifestation of despair.

“About the teachers who repetitorstvo, the management of schools knows, but the fight is not hurry. Guess why? he says. But I never from the leaders of the MES is not heard and not read in official documents, what is really real brake on the reforms, the local education authorities etc, what the ordinary teacher”. He believes that due to the lack of real reforms in the sphere of education officials need to look for enemies. Find them among the powerless, the voiceless, the downtrodden teachers.

“I’m not saying that there is no problem. Just the approach to it needs another. And the Ministry method of struggle chosen is not the most correct: teachers (with a few exceptions) is bad, parents need teachers to convey, and officials will perform the role of inquisitors, — said Likarchuk. — The first time such a method was tested about a year ago — when did “reform” in elementary school. Then mon semi-official appealed to parents to “knock”, when teachers write the assessment in red, not in green ink”.

Likarchuk: “do Not look for enemies”


Another objective of the MES in the near future — improving the social status of teachers.

“Change in tariff category two status of teachers, as well as a General increase in wages by 50% — this is the step forward. We hope that teachers will be a step towards reform,” said Minister of education and science, Liliya Hrynevych.

Nevertheless, the belief that the tuition will become the legal plane yet.

“It would seem, draw up the SAP, and work quietly. But so do units. And tutoring after school at the school, hardly anyone will refuse, it’s real money, no matter how much the school did not pay. By the way, it is doubtful that salary will be normal, — said the tutor of English language from Kiev Victoria Taran. Hence the root of the illegal use of parent contributions”. With the latest in Mont also intend to fight “transparency.”

“The money allocated to schools, and the parent fees were not AWOL, in the draft education act, which passed in the first reading, laid down the rule: schools will have to publish a report on incomes from budgetary sources and from parents and expenditure on their web pages” — said the Minister of education and science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych.