Putin: the 28th member state of the EU

Putin’s Imperial ambitions are not new. However, the current social and political-economic situation creates for them the most fertile ground. History teaches us that the balance of power after the cold war was resolved in favor of the United States only in appearance, because in fact the giant just strategically went to sleep. After the stage of Commonwealth of Independent States, transformed into the Russian Federation, making the former KGB in the Kremlin, Russia had to regain its sphere of influence, we knew it well.


Faced with low economic growth, which limited the content and updating of the defense complex, “cariat” Putin concluded an Alliance with China and, from time to time flirted with the US, which mistakenly believed that the economic imbalance will be enough to keep foreign policy within acceptable limits.


The purest delusion. Crimea was annexed not only to the Russian President, but also a large part of the population, clinging to the tatters of the once Almighty Soviet Union and seeking to adopt and expand entered into the flesh and blood of the Empire, including responding to threats to the absurd expansion of the EU and NATO to the East. The first serious test of strength, which Putin decided to subject the so-called “international community” and which itself was a skill, worthy of all praise. Control over the greater part of gas supply to Central Europe, especially in Germany, still present a military threat and a personality that stands out from the dull leaders of the Old continent, has led to a banal and thoughtless reactions.


Thus was born a new “non-aligned movement” with Putin and Erdogan at the head, which from time to time will be adjacent to China, with its pragmatic foreign policy, focused more on economic power, as clearly evidenced by the number in the hands of the Chinese of US treasuries. After svitovogo of the Board of trump China had enough with his characteristic subtlety, to remind this fact to the dazzling trendsetter on the length of the tie suddenly spread to the “bad” Mexicans and the FBI investigation, which can singe himself.


Referred to “the Nam” has some significant unifying factor in addition to the desire to confront the West and what he still represents. Let’s be clear. Of course, that Russia wants to increase its influence in the world at all levels, is worthy of respect. Others do the same, and expansionist policy is bad not because it’s Russian. This combination of small and large quarrels, strategic economic interests, demonstration of the globalized world, it is possible to live like the “island”, leading to the strengthening of the so-called “anti-globalization movement”.


Putin wants to go down in history as a skilled politician who has expanded the borders of the Empire — ideally, without firing a single shot, limited only by the diplomatic correspondence. Today, the Turkish-Russian axis with interest looks at Europe, borne in populist dreams, fragmented crisis migrants, almost always unrealistic requirements to economic indicators and in connection with Brakcet lost the bridge with the United States. UK loses more than just a Union of European countries, it became clear after the terrorist attack in London.


That is why the welcome that is given to marine Le Pen and other populist and xenophobic leaders, as if we were talking about public figures, is an obvious way of legitimizing what is contrary to a strong core European values. It remains to be seen is not coming Le Pen’s too far away. We know that the most recent opinion polls point to her victory in the presidential election in France, we are also aware of the cosmetic amendments it had made her party to sweeten political slogans. Therefore, the commitment to Putin and legitimization through it can play against the electoral interests of Marin. Already wrote that the financing of her campaign is experiencing difficulties and what could be a loan from a Russian Bank, which will now demand these payments. In General, one may argue about to what reached out an imperious hand Putin…


But will not the political value of this trust is too high? I would like to believe that Yes, because the relief after the elections in the Netherlands was short-lived. Europe are waiting for new elections, and it has been proved that Putin will always be in them a significant player. I dare say that Russia intends almost to replace Britain in the role of obnoxious child.


Therefore, we continue in number 28. Although less geographic ambiguity, Russia would be less likely to comply with the principles of the EU Charter on human rights. But, can the European Union afford a “luxury” to act as a carrier of any values?