The most dangerous fruits and berries: they cause cancer, obesity and infertility

The results of the study were published in the annual report of the American non-profit organization Environmental Working Group, reports The Daily Mail.

Thus, the representatives of the organizations analyzed 48 popular fruits and vegetables based on analysis of more than 36 thousand samples. It turned out that the strawberry tops the list of the thirteen fruits and vegetables with the most pesticides, because these harmful substances found in 70% of the analysed fruits.


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Scientists warn that the detected pesticides are associated with the development in humans of diseases such as cancer, obesity, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and infertility.

The five most dangerous products also includes spinach, nectarines, apples and peaches, even strawberries and was an absolute threat to the “leader” on the content of harmful impurities.

Dangerous pesticides found in pears, cherries, grapes, celery, tomatoes, pepper and potatoes.