The UN security Council held a historic meeting on Ukraine

On Friday, March 31, at 10 am new York time (17:00 Kyiv time) will be a meeting of the UN security Council dedicated to hybrid threats. The meeting was initiated by the Ukrainian foreign Ministry. After hearing reports on the vote will put the resolution, prepared by Ukraine on the need to recognize the dangers of hybrid threats and countering them in the UN. This “Today” said political consultant Taras Berezovets, who will act as co-Rapporteur at the meeting.

“This is an open meeting of the UN security Council, which was initiated by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, supported by our partners, in particular Spain and the United States. This is the first meeting of this kind at all in the framework of the UN security Council dedicated to hybrid threats. There are two keynote speakers who will speak: it is I, the representative of Norway. There will still be sitting permanent and temporary members of the security Council, there will be the usual meeting of the security Council. My speech is devoted to the phenomenon of hybrid warfare, as it emerged, what are the countries in danger, than dangerous underestimation of a hybrid war, propaganda, and influence on U.S. elections, the recent Russia’s intervention in the French election… I will speak in English about 15-20 minutes. Then there are the questions”, – said the “Today” Taras Berezovets.

According to him, Ukraine has prepared a resolution relative to the hybrid war, which will be put to the vote. “There we are talking about the need to recognize the dangers of hybrid threats and countering them within just the same UN. Chances of acceptance? It is clear that all depend on the final wording. In this case the Russians are very opposed to such meeting, already twice postponed due to anti-Russian in the first place. The first time this meeting was to be held in December and then in February it was planned. There is even a small risk that Russians will try a third time to cancel it, but most likely they will not work. Unless some extraordinary scandals, the meeting in new York will begin at 10 a.m. on Friday 31 March (17:00 Kyiv time – Ed.). Most importantly, if all this passes, it will be the first historical discussion of hybrid threats on such an expert level in the framework of the UN security Council. And most importantly, that this happens on the initiative of Ukraine, a country that has suffered from such threats,” – concluded the analyst.

As reported, on February 13 was held a meeting of the UN Security Council under the chairmanship of Ukraine. Then the UN Security Council approved the Ukraine resolution on the protection of critical infrastructure from terrorist attacks.

31 January was held a meeting of the UN Security Council, where its members called for the immediate return of the ceasefire in the East of Ukraine, in particular in the plant. They condemned the use of weapons prohibited by the accords on the line of contact.