How to bring the body in form: the TOP 5 best of dancing for weight loss

To lose weight, it is not necessary to only go to the gym and sit on a strict diet. You can replace it by going to a dance.

To your attention the TOP 5 most fashionable and popular dancing for weight loss from Lisa.

1. Salsa

Topping the list of dancing for weight loss salsa. She is originally from Cuba, there to dance it can do everything. The Cubans say that Europeans go salsa dancing because I want to learn to have fun.

Besides, during the dance work all major muscle groups, especially the abdominals, hips, buttocks and legs.

Hour minus 510 kcal.

2. Plastic strip

Nothing to do with a Striptease and pole dancing in this style not. In the plastic strip a lot of temptation, seduction, but no vulgarity. Basic movements – all kinds of waves with his hands and body. One movement flows into the other slowly – developing plastic and flexibility, improves stretching, strengthening the muscles.

An hour of dance burns 500 calories.

3. Zumba

Bright energetic Zumba is both a full fitness workout, and dancing Latin rhythms. In the classroom you thoroughly study all the problem areas: abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, legs.

An hour of dancing, it takes about 400-500 kcal.

4. Reggaeton

Dance with a scandalous “reputation”. Perhaps that is why it is so popular. Reggaeton is recognized as one of the most erotic dancing. It combines several styles: reggae, hip-hop and dancehall.

The basis of the technology of active movement and “shaking” the whole body, rotate the hips, Breasts, buttocks. Experts suggest this style to anyone who dreams of “Brazilian ass”, wants to get rid of cellulite and lose weight.

On top of that reggaeton develops flexibility, suppleness, tightens the muscles and improves circulation.

Per hour of study you can lose more than 500 kcal.

5. Argentine tango

This style is suitable even for those who are contraindicated in severe stress. Unlike other styles of tango are less energy intensive. An hour burned about 300-400 calories. However, the tango helps to improve posture, tighten the muscles, helps develop flexibility and grace. During the dance used various techniques of rotation, instant change of body position, turns, and other elements. This strengthens the vestibular system and develops coordination. And most importantly, this dance promotes weight loss!

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