Smigel criticized calls “early” to ease the quarantine

The Prime Minister assured that Ukraine will timely be released from quarantine

Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal commented on the request to accelerate release from quarantine. He urged not to manipulate the topic of easing of the quarantine restrictions in Ukraine, as a premature exit could threaten a new outbreak of disease. He stated this at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The head of government called on the political forces to encourage Ukrainians to protest and to wait for the scheduled exit from quarantine.

“The government received many complaints about the need for breaks quarantine… I want to appeal to all Ukrainians, especially to the representatives of the business: the fact that we have fewer patients in comparison with other countries is the achievement of quarantine measures, first and foremost your responsibility, and compliance with, these restrictions. We came in time to quarantine and in time will come out of it, be sure of that. Those are irresponsible calls prematurely to get out of quarantine subjected to the Ukrainians danger. We know when and what steps we need to do, we have announced a plan with five stages to release from quarantine … I ask the political forces, the various groups not manipulate these things, not to encourage the Ukrainians to some protests- we just get the next stage of growth of the incidence,” said Smigel.

The Minister assured that the quarantine will surely be possable, but only if the number of cases of Ukrainians will not increase.

Recall that at the last meeting, the government has extended the quarantine action in Ukraine until may 11 due to the fact that the peak of the epidemic of coronavirus are expected at the first days of may. In addition, the Cabinet has submitted a plan of Ukraine’s exit from quarantine, which involves five stages. First and foremost, if for ten consecutive days, the ratio of new cases COVID-19 among all the tested will not change or daily variance kept at 5%, in this case, the government will open up parks and recreation areas, some of the objects of the beauty industry, allowed workout team sports.

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