Signals via “tomatoes”

After aeroplane crisis of relations with Russia has not reached the desired level. Despite the fact that Turkey did the steps on the way to return the relations to the previous level, going on the chance that Russia did not reciprocate. Even delayed time. Perhaps Russian is a more correct position and policy on the restoration of relations. But the fact that Russian officials, with all the cards that they can use to get what you want, think twice about responding to the demands, raises some suspicions.

As part of the relations between the two countries is not precisely known, on the agenda and there are posts in the spirit of “agreement on all issues, except the tomatoes”. However, the dispute over the discounts on natural gas, for example, has not been solved. There are also problems in the two countries ‘ approaches to terrorism and terrorist organizations.

Although the dispute “Turkish tomatoes — Russian wheat” progress has been made in order everything fell into place, it will take time after two important events: the destruction of the Russian plane in November 2015, and the death of the Russian Ambassador in December 2016. For this reason, and there is Turkey, which is concessions, and Russia uses it to implement its requirements. The day before yesterday a statement was signed on the abolition of yet another part of the barriers facing trade relations between Turkey and Russia, but there are details that need to be overcome on issues relating to state institutions rather than public opinion. Statement by the Prime Minister of Russia Medvedev that a ban on tomatoes from Turkey will continue, to be understood as: “the Relations between the two countries have not returned to their previous level.” Many topics, such as Syria, Ukraine and Crimea, the situation of citizens of Caucasian origin in Turkey, Russia’s approach to the Kurdistan workers ‘ party / the Party “Democratic Union” continue to be fields of disputes between the two countries.

Thus, the ban on the import of tomatoes from Turkey should not look only through the prism of “tomatoes”. The lifting of the ban without any “but” and “if” will be a critical sign that the relationship begins to get back on the track.

How are we going to attract Europeans and rich Russian tourists?

This year in Turkey will not come to the city, which last year came from Europe, but coming Russian, who did not come last year. It seems that after the loss of European tourists we will close this gap Russian, but the main issue is not the number of immigrants, and the income that will be provided by them. When you look at the situation in the tourism sector this year, in terms of quantity and quality there is an even more unpleasant situation. At the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, the quantitative indicators of the reception fell because of the events. The quality is also partly decreased. Operators have published figures, taking into account this turbulent situation. When you start pursuit for cheap prices, standards are falling, and wealthy tourists disappear.

Therefore, between the amount of money that three — and-a-half or four million Russian tourists would leave in 2014 or 2015, and how many three and a half million tourists will spend in 2017, will be a significant difference. Given the problems that Russia is experiencing in recent years in terms of Western sanctions, economic turmoil and fluctuations in oil prices, reduction of incomes of the Russian citizens from the devaluation of the ruble, we can say that for the tourism sector this year also will develop uneasy. Under these conditions, the more obvious becomes the lack of an institution that could overcome the problems in the field of tourism and to make a professional advertisement. In normal times, no one was trying to deal with those who considered it inappropriate to allocate funds for these needs. When the sector grew and developed itself, everyone had a piece of bread. But now the situation is different.

So, we are living in a time when we most need representation. It is necessary not only to settle for Russian tourists with low purchasing power, but also to develop formulas that will attract rich Russians and Europeans in Turkey. You need to change the approach to promotion of our country in Europe where only in a remote corner you can stumble upon on that Turkey…