Horoscope for February 5-11: for Dev all secrets will be revealed, and the Lions urgently need a wardrobe

Eclipse of the moon, which will take place on February 11 at 2:45 in the sign of Leo, symbolically becomes a milestone in every person’s life, signaling the completion of the next stage of development. In the foreground are issues of relationships, legal disputes and open conflict, all secrets will be revealed. The manifest shortcomings of pairwise relationships, where leadership ambitions will play a pivotal role, blaze public scandals. You have a chance to break the bonds or to unite, the Union resuming on entirely new foundations.

This is the time of maximum activation of the urgent problems that worsen the internal crisis, which is something rejected, then comes the Epiphany. The event gathering karmic momentum, and is not subject to control, reap what you have sown in the past. To each his own. Someone finds, and someone will lose.

However, the terrible destruction is not expected, on the contrary, the surprise will be a happy surprise that will help “steer” in the right direction. Do not regret about loss, soon instead get what you need for full development.

Aquarians, Leos, Scorpios, Taureans, Cancerians are emotional tension rolls, drastic steps are dangerous, get yourself under control because the heat of the moment thoughtlessly destroy — fatal and no longer subject to recovery!

RAMS, society, friendly environment — here the territory of the successful self-realization. Here waiting for you pleasant surprises, fraternal regiment will arrive to resume old ties, so in the circle of allies and like-minded people will feel like fish in water, are informal and charismatic leader will be able to direct the collective energy in the direction of their own interests.

Now you are especially sexy, charismatic, a magnet attracts the opposite sex, but the moral image is Holy, do not spray on leftist Hobbies. After all, next is already blessed companion (you will not find better), walk in unison, be friends and love each other.

TAURUS. You are “crucified” on the cross of responsibility: family, work, partnership absorb too much force, but enough with the active attempt to harmonize the situation. The main thing — everywhere, “dead” zones should not be. Let career ambitions is a powerful detonator for professional development, successful implementation of natural talents and self-realization. You will be appreciated for his ability to be a master of all trades, to keep pace with the progress cohesively work in a team. The chief pray, you will not find better (reminder to those who want to change jobs). Then you will be subordinated to worship.

Calves-heads perfectly proves to be in front of subordinates.

My abode a tense atmosphere, to restore order in the house and beat the pots with the missus. Your task is to maintain his enthusiasm and love, despite all the shortcomings.

Family ship to crash on the rocks of everyday problems.

If you have any incidents, not take dirty linen in public.

GEMINI. The desire for spiritual growth, the knowledge of divine truth is enormous. But the Foundation of old beliefs has outlived itself and is falling apart. You are attracted to the high matter, all original, non-traditional, what is hidden behind the facade of everyday life, and is nourishment for the new philosophical Outlook, which is now being formed. Educate yourself, finding everywhere new knowledge, interesting information, communicate with people progressive, spiritually Mature. Green face you don’t need. This hinders evolution.

Moreover, you have a wealth of capital in the “Bank” friends of the people with high spiritual and creative potential. And rely on them. But before you make a revision, perhaps there is “ballast”, and should be removed.

Avoid empty chatter, beremyany other people’s bones will save your precious power. You are a creative person and now have a brilliant chance to succeed in the creative field. He likes a hobby — it is a fertile source of inspiration.

CANCERS. Balance the desires and possibilities, rein restless “want”, the partners (business and marital) rich Arsenal of resources, so it is possible to join them and to cooperate fruitfully, giving the reins. Let them call the shots, put in the forefront their own interests, and your destiny — without ambition to meet the requirements and to fulfill its obligations. Then get everything you need for complete happiness.

Now the meaning of life is a deep awareness of the pressing needs and highest calling in the partnership. What marks the transition to more Mature forms of love, through renunciation of selfish demands in order to strengthen the Union (business, marriage).

The test is simple: release the will from the hidden desires and then you will have that your. “Privatize” someone else will fail.

LIONS. To make a quantum leap in development, using the accumulated potential resources, you should harmoniously fit into the demands of reality. It’s time to revive and strengthen partnerships (business, love). “I-you” are one, inspired, “We”, alloy spiritual ideals, interests, without which heart could not beat in unison. The chosen one glows with charisma, popular, charming, and therefore you do not disappoint.

Urgently take care of wardrobe, the dress code now plays a huge role in my life. You have the audience under a microscope, the slightest mistake in the image backfire fail. Where to insert time “five cents”, to compliment, to show off the humor to bestow a smile — is extremely important. The main thing —to make a striking impression, but no one can outshine. Upstart disgrace.

VIRGO. Go with the flow, faithfully fulfilling all that is required of you, and don’t try to dictate their own will. Stone accumulated emotions created by their own fears and fantasies, in the end, will fall from the soul (reaching critical mass), all secrets will be revealed, illusion, anxiety will disappear and will be able to breathe.

The key to the puzzles, unsolved to this day, too, will be in your hands.

Work is Holy, it is advisable to dive headlong into the turbulent atmosphere of the service team. Here you are a generalist, a progressive leader and reformer, which does not allow to stagnate subordinates and colleagues. Implement the plans, embody original ideas, they are from the future, then do not stray from the right path and earn money.

LIBRA. Valerate under the chords of their own interests. You lead in the dance for life stage, personality, vibrant, artistic. It magically attracts the audience, stimulates the spirit of beautiful, inspiring those who depressive. Bring the Universe of love and joy, have fun, enjoy cordial harmony, to make friends with a Muse, to charge life battery with positive emotions. Your peace the knight is a friend and lover in one person. Clever, original, progressive. And for the “grounded” pragmatic individuals — the heart of the castle.

In a friendly series “reformatting”, you decide with whom to break off relations, and with whom to build new.

Money do not litter, and carefully allocate every penny.

SCORPIONS. You have to rush between home and work, between a rock and a hard place. Keep your finger on the family pulse, here is the source of strength and inspiration. Kindness, friendly consolidation with the family will increase credibility, create a fraternal idyll in the house. At the critical moment help received from relatives.

In the professional sphere (business, career) seismic situation, the question will become acute — “to be or not to be”. With fatal implication. Do not cut off the shoulder, with the hands of the secret levers of influence (as well as charitable sources of income), try to use them skillfully.

Now Heaven send generous sponsors, not only for you personally but for the purpose of sponsoring others. This blessed mission (until 10 October).

ARCHERS. Put your nose in someone else’s millet, be interested in everything! You should be erudite, comprehensively informed and knowledgeable on a variety of topics. Become a walking encyclopedia. Not curates new acquaintances, people you cute, friendly, soul of any company. Enchant not working. Tie a variety of contacts, a sudden at first glance, the meeting may develop into a loyal friendship and become a key to the door in a happy tomorrow. Everything you need is close, go for the gold. The ability to be a reliable practical other first demonstrate by example.

But to boast of wisdom, to lecture, imposing personal beliefs should not. Everyone is entitled to their own ideology, views. And you do not judge him. If you try to cut at his comb will make everything worse.

Far to go should not be. However, events in distant lands can drastically affect the future.

In the area of possible perturbations.

CAPRICORNS. Moral values are severely tested. If you are motivated by profit, do not try to cheat inexperienced or credulous partners. Do you honestly, legally, then you win, and the reputation will only grow. Now on the scales of desire and the ability should be balanced. If you do not have enough money for an important purchase (and hot!), to borrow contraindicated. Bear with me. With the old creditors (moral, material) should pay. Well, if you ever unfairly lost — you will get a loss.

Hold on to office chair, and if you are in search of a new job, look for it in the old place, seek the patronage of former patrons.

AQUARIANS. Your place in the public arena. But there is a gray mouse with poor wardrobe is not needed. Urgent update fashion wardrobe, hair, makeup, plan to detail the toilet, grind beautiful demeanor. Don’t restrain inner impulse to be the best, it is a natural impulse, motivated by the deep transformation processes. Shine forth, you irresistible!
But one star is an orphan. Certainly be paired with sweet. Every moment of existence is a celebration of the heart, the battery of bliss with the man that fits the ideal.

Well, if the relationship is at the boiling point, you will need to “reset” and start with a clean slate.

FISH. Your strength and the power of sacred, deeply hidden behind the facade of modesty, but invisibly everywhere felt. Now open the shadow side of nature, which still nobody suspected. This selfless service to others, a willingness to make sacrifices to please someone else’s needs, to help those who are poor, sick. Keep in mind that sincere in giving, you receive much more. It is not only material resources, but also health. Therefore, if overcome sore is a sign: do charity.

Conflict with superiors, colleagues dangerous and foolish. After all, to change the place of work is impossible. If the conditions are not satisfied, talk to your boss and solve this problem.