Ukrainian border guards found out why Russia closed the checkpoint on the border

The Russian side explains to the citizens that the termination of the checkpoint “New yurkovichi” in front of the Ukrainian border “Senkivka” in Chernihiv, in Ukraine, “declared alarm”, said the speaker of the state border service of Ukraine Oleg Slobodyan.

“People report to the border guards, near Russian checkpoint “New yurkovichi” is a police patrol post, which wraps all the other sections of the border, telling them that Ukraine declared alarm”, – said Slobodyan the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” on Thursday.

Thus, according to him, the official reason from the Russian side of the state border service of Ukraine has not received.

Other sources, according to Slobodyan, inform that on the Russian checkpoint, armed men are concentrated in the appropriate gear.

“At this point, the passage of people and transport in this area is still not implemented”, – said the speaker of the state border service.

As reported, on Thursday, the Russian side has stopped the passage of people and vehicles through your checkpoint “New yurkovichi” opposite the border checkpoint “Senkovka” in the Chernihiv region. The Russian side officially notified the Ukrainian, but the reasons for this decision are not reported.