Okaz (Saudi Arabia): winner in race for vaccine development — China or Russia?

Despite the fact that the West accuses Russia and China in attempt to hack British, American and canadian organizations in order to steal data associated with the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus, they are still striving to get ahead of all the development of the vaccine. Yesterday, the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm (the”Sinopharm”) boasted that tested develop a vaccine against the coronavirus in its employees before he received official permission to conduct clinical trials. Moreover, the company has posted on its website pictures of high-ranking Chinese officials, who tested the vaccine. It is important to note that China is most actively engaged in the creation of a vaccine against covid-19 than any other country. Currently, Chinese scientists are conducting eight clinical trials of vaccines against coronavirus. The company Sinopharm (the”Sinopharm”) and another Chinese company announced that it has reached final stages of clinical trials.

A Chinese technique to create vaccines is as follows: first synthesized in the laboratory of the new coronavirus and then destroy it. It is noted that this technique is used for the production of polio vaccine. The company Sinopharm (the”Sinopharm”) stated that introduced volunteers from among its employees, two vaccines that have been developed since the end of February 2020. Meanwhile, another Chinese company CanSinBio (the”Cannobio”), in cooperation with the Academy of military medical Sciences of China announced the clinical trials of vaccines produced.

As reported by Bloomberg, the political and business elite of Russia with the APR had access to the vaccine, which is developing a national research centre. N. F. Gamalei in Moscow. According to the Agency, the research centre has received funding from the Russian direct investment Fund and the military Department. The head of the Russian direct investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev said last week that the third phase of clinical trials of vaccine Russian to begin August 3. It will be attended by thousands of people from Russia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. A nationwide vaccination will not begin before September.

On Monday, the government of Bangladesh said that given permission to a Chinese company Sinovac Biotech (the”Sinovac Biotek”) to conduct the third phase clinical trials of potential vaccines from covid-19. It is noted that the final phase of clinical trials should begin next month. According to the government of Bangladesh, in clinical trials will participate 4200 volunteers, half of which will be vaccinated in 7 hospitals of Dhaka. The Chinese company Sinovac Biotech (the”Sinovac Biotek”) has announced that in July moved to the third stage of clinical trials in Brazil. The representative of the Ministry of health of Bangladesh said that the country hopes to receive priority access to the vaccine, if it proves effective.

The UK government announced the signing of agreements to supply 90 million doses of vaccine against the coronavirus with three pharmaceutical companies — Pfizer (“Pfizer”), BionNTech (“Biotek”) and Valneva (“Calneva”). Moreover, it plans to find 500 thousand volunteers who agreed to undergo a clinical trial to test a vaccine against coronavirus.

Yesterday Pfizer (“Pfizer”) and BionNTech (“Biotek”) stated that they plan to produce 30 million doses this year. Both companies expect to obtain permission to use the vaccine in October 2020. Currently, Pfizer (“Pfizer”) and BionNTech (“Biotek”) intend to produce 100 million doses by the end of 2020. For its part, the French company Valneva (“Calneva”) has agreed to provide the UK with 60 million doses of the vaccine, and, if necessary, another 40 million doses, if it is proven its safety and effectiveness. We will remind that earlier it was announced the conclusion of an agreement with AstraZeneca (AstraZeneca) for the supply of 100 million doses of the vaccine, jointly developed with the University of Oxford.

14% of Britons refuse “vaccinations”!

A public opinion poll showed that more than 25% of the residents of the UK can refuse to vaccinate against novel coronavirus infection. The public opinion was announced on the same day that the results of the first phase of clinical trials that confirmed the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, developed by specialists of the University of Oxford. According to the survey, 14% of Britons expressed doubt that will be vaccinated, and 13% are undecided. The Minister of health of great Britain Matt Hank called social networks warn users that the community is dedicated to non-vaccination, which gained popularity during a pandemic, increase the risk of spread of the disease. According to experts, the development of an effective vaccine against the coronavirus is the only way to return to normal life. It is also reported that on Sunday in Hyde Park in London was held a mass demonstration against vaccination, which the police were forced to disperse.