Professor Krejci on the protesters and the arrests in Russia: “Try to attack the Castle, and you will suffer the same fate”

“We cowardly went back on their word”. Professor Oskar Krejci knows how we recently managed to avoid problems with the European Commission. And about the fact that we find ourselves on the periphery of the EU — we were there for a long time. The analyst also lists the arguments why the EU hesitates waits, faced with a crisis. Krejci commented on anti-Russian sanctions USA, which upset even the German Chancellor Angela Merkel: “the German political leadership, apparently in solidarity with Washington, however, wants this solidarity was of a different kind. Now the behavior of Berlin is suicidal solidarity.” The Professor expressed his opinion about the Russian anti-corruption demonstrations, as well as about the information which is transmitted by the world media.

— Parlamentní listy: In the past interview You said that Europe is changing, adapting to Germany, but there are dissenters. We are one of them, because I don’t want to take any refugees. Therefore, the European Commission launched proceedings. We are criticized from all sides, and expresses dissatisfaction, including European Commission President Juncker. By the way, in an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung, he said that if 2004 was the migration crisis and the Czech Republic would have taken the same position, it would not accept in the European Union. However, the same problems arose with Warsaw and Budapest. How it will end?

— Oskar Krejci: the Main mistake was made when the Czech government rejected the idea to challenge the decision to require distribution of refugees. This decision was taken at the wrong level. If it was discussed at the summit, it would be enough dissenters left to the right of veto. However, we cowardly backed down, thus putting themselves in an awkward position, because the members of the Commission, it turns out, are obliged to file a complaint. The decision is lawful, and we refuse to carry. From a political point of view, this is correct, but from the point of view of political bureaucracy that we stopped listening, we just complicated the situation.

— The dispute will end in court?

— To predict difficult. If you accept the fact that the decision was taken at the right level, that we’re trespassers. However, in my opinion, it is a fundamental foreign policy question that needs to be discussed at the summit.

— How could we get out of this situation? Maybe we should just promise me that you’ll take some of the refugees, as did Austria. And everyone would be happy…

— Yes there Austria! In Slovakia too, everyone is happy. You need to be able to play this game. Our leaders are afraid to challenge the decision, but boldly declare that we will not accept. What is this game? I don’t know. With our policies it is difficult to live. They sit in their offices and do the things you don’t understand. If they at least initiated a public debate, then anyone could enlighten them a bit.

As for a simple promise to take a few refugees, the problem is that in this game there are no fair rules. If we accept the rules of foul play, with us nothing will happen. We’ll pretend to accept a few refugees, will take a couple of and fulfill the obligation. But such our actions will look strange. Before the election we say that nobody will take, and after the election?

With this problem we obviously can not cope, so I will summarize. The European Union is facing a crisis. The EU is faced with several problems at the same time, many of whom himself created. The EU not only does not know how to solve each problem separately, but does not know how to solve them all together. I mean heavy debt burden of States, the immigration crisis, and Ukraine. The European Union participated in the overthrow of the government, which, even if it we didn’t like, was democratically elected. We ourselves created the problems with Ukraine and Russia. The debt problem of Greece we decide what makes it the largest buyer of German and French weapons. The European Union trampled in indecision, not knowing what to do, and waiting what the outcome of Pexit, as well as elections in France and Germany. Only after these events we start to look for real solutions. Until then, everything is only written in stone.

— You mentioned Greece. Indeed, she has a lot of debt, but now it enhances its reputation that offers high quality and a strong Arsenal for a single European army…

— (Laughs.) The European army is another empty phrase. Well, who will be running the intelligence? What us spy satellites? As a strategic weapon? What language will be in the army to say? All this is a serious problem. Nobody discusses — sound only loud words. In addition, the EU as the Union has faced challenges, in particular, the issue of migration, and we struck up a conversation about the creation of a European army. But it would be a Federal institution, that there would be at least one order of magnitude greater integration than now. In the end we get the army, where there will be nobody to command, and in fact would be created by police or border guards and the army will be just a name. No, should a change of generations. With such politicians as Merkel, nothing will come of it, and the macron should really socialize in politics, that is, to understand what all policy. All say: “France is updated”. It’s not true. Those who don’t like Macron, went to the polls, but they take to the streets when he starts to decide. That the voters ignored the electoral system and the elections, does not mean that they ceased to be politically active. They will make themselves known as extra-parliamentary opposition. This is what awaits us. If it is true that macron have decided to carry out radical reforms of the economy to the detriment of the socially weak segments of society, then what happens?

— Debate about the Euro, and the different degree of integration of member countries of the EU. In the end, we find ourselves on the periphery?

Different degree of integration in Europe? In Brussels, this idea was turned into an instrument of pressure. When someone want to force you to behave in a disciplined manner, he was beginning to threaten. “Multi-level” European integration has existed for several years. First, there are States who benefit from the integration of benefits, and there are those who is a “subcontractor”, that is, if you like, the periphery of the European Union. In this sense, we are the periphery. We have low wages for similar work, and let nobody says to me that the productivity of the seller in Tesco in the Czech Republic is lower than from the seller in Germany. Nonsense. And examples are many.

There are also differences within the Eurozone. Plus the division between Eurozone and non-Eurozone. There are many criteria by which we can characterize “multi-level” European integration. I’m not talking about those meetings, who forms the core of the European Union. And they have been together for years in the negotiations. If you have something to solve, is found in Berlin and Paris, and if they want to add democracy, we invite the Italians and the Belgians. And so it continues for many years. The decision-making process due to geo-strategic factors. There is no democracy. It begins when there is a question about the sandwich oil. But when we are talking about the overthrow of the government in Kiev, the discussion is carried out in the offices.

On Monday the European Union has extended until June the following year the anti-Russian sanctions. Do You notice any changes in relations between the EU and Russia?

EU — again waiting. We are waiting for change when something happens. We are not able to find a compromise or to step aside. Okay, we will write off Ukraine’s debts, and she will accept the fact that Crimea wants to be Russian. But the options that you can offer — to both Ukraine and Russia — tens. From a historical point of view, the border between Russia and Ukraine — is nonsense. This border has no history, and because of her we will argue for decades? Whether we like it or not, but Crimea will not return to Ukraine. So let’s make a deal. And if you want to in Eastern Ukraine, the vote went well, you have to agree with the Eastern Ukrainians. They should have the right to independent decisions and the right to their own language. It’s all in the art of compromise and the desire to find him. Apparently someone benefit from the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. But we are in an absurd situation: Putin meets with Macron, Merkel and Prime Minister of Greece on a friendly level, and then they all vote for sanctions. We go back to what was said about migrants: everywhere the hypocrisy.

— EU extends sanctions against Russia, and soon Germany was outraged over anti-Russian sanctions of the United States because of alleged intervention of Moscow in the American presidential election is preparing a Congress. Responses can harm European companies. What do You think about this?

German political leadership clearly agrees with Washington, but wants this solidarity was of a different kind. Now the behavior of Berlin is suicidal solidarity. In the United States with a Russian theme are the internal political games, and paying for it the whole world. We are paying the price of endless war in Syria, horrific sanctions, not to mention the fact that the General atmosphere is such that we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Sanctions against Russia testify to the political conflict in the United States.

— How the actions of the President of the United States Donald trump affected by the story of alleged Russian interference in the American presidential election last year?

— I would say that trump is in Washington gradually gaining strength. Hence the desire of Congress to block the lifting of sanctions. Approaching the summit of the Big twenty. Would cost to prepare the conditions for achieving some agreements, otherwise the meeting would be a waste not only of time but also a chance. I would say that voice surrounded by trump already sound more confident, and they received information which was formerly blocked.

— Back to Russia. During the demonstrations many participants were arrested and, above all, well-known dissident Alexei Navalny. On Tuesday, the Kremlin rejected all appeals of the United States and the European Union to release protesters detained in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Shaken whether Putin’s position?

— I watched the TV station Česká televize, Euronews, BBC and CNN. Maybe I was lucky, but not on the same channel I have not seen demonstrations in support of Putin, which were many times worse than protests. Of course, Russia has a huge problem. It’s a big country with big problems and, of course, is a terrible corruption. In this Bulk is surely right. But you cannot overthrow the government without knowing who will come in his place. To make this topic deadly like a part of the opposition, in my opinion, unwise. Russia is very lucky to have Putin. The West must understand that, if Putin is overthrown, after the power can come on very hard government that will behave, including with the West, quite different. Putin is a compromise within the Russian political elite. In the chaos he inherited from Yeltsin, Putin consolidated Russia incredibly fast.

Now he no longer needs to solve the problems of life and death — he should engage in corruption. I agree with that. Corruption — the cancer of any society. But what is frustrating is selective in presenting information. Two days in the media I only saw demonstrations against Putin, but festive demonstrations I never saw. In my opinion, this is an example of manipulation rather than serious information.

You should also understand that demonstrations are organised in order for the uproar. The parties are in conflict place where it will be a clash with the police. People are arrested just like in the West, and some get 30 days. But in Siberia, then they will not be sent. Do worldwide in the so-called liberal democracies. We have to act according to the law. Try to lash out at Prague castle, and you will suffer the same fate. Of course, I sympathize with the detainees, but they go for it consciously and want to be involved in a conflict that they accelerat. And so are the opposition around the world.