Again, there will be blood: a German newspaper has received a threatening letter

The German newspaper Tagesspiegel has received a threatening letter, which says that on April 22 in the country again there will be blood. A letter now studying the German secret services, reports TSN.

On this day in Cologne, there will be held a demonstration against Congress party of European “Alternative for Germany”. Law enforcement officers take seriously such warnings.

“We have to take seriously, as there is no trace of Dortmund criminal”, – reported in the security services.

We will remind, before the match of 1/4 of final of Champions League in Dortmund “Borussia” – “Monaco” exploded near the bus of the German team. According to police, there were three explosions.

Hit the defender of “Borussia” Marc Bartra, who was wounded by a shard of glass. The player has been discharged from hospital.

Police arrested one suspect.