The analyst requires to check the activities of the former Finnish Prime Ministers in the Russian “Gazprom” and “Sberbank”

The political scientist and diplomat Alpo Rusi (Alpo Rusi) believes that it is necessary to check do not violate some law Finns Logan.

The law of Logan, which appeared in 1799, prohibits private persons, according to the interpretation of the United States, conducting diplomatic negotiations with the official representative of such state, which has differences with the US. In case of violation of the law provided for fines or at least three years in prison, if we are talking about a serious violation.

In his blog Alpo Rusi writes about problems in seemingly good relations between the USSR and Finland during the cold war.

“Finland was under pressure. There’s a lot of evidence, including, and previously kept secret. For example, Prime Minister Kalevi Sorsa (Kalevi Sorsa) 26 October 1982, met in Moscow with Secretary of the Communist party of the Soviet Union Yuri Andropov. Sorsa headed the party’s delegation, and was Prime Minister of Finland,resembles Russia.

He says that during the negotiations on the initiative of the Soviet side raised important public issues.

“Former head of the KGB and the future General Secretary Andropov demanded to create balance in trade relations of countries of purchase Finland, the USSR nuclear power plants with a capacity of 1,000 megawatts and construction of the gas pipe between Helsinki and Tampere. Andropov also proposed to remove Sorce critical of the USSR from Finnish media that Soros promised to do.

The talks were held without approval from the state

These negotiations are not recorded in the archives of the Ministry for foreign Affairs of Finland. The information recently appeared in Russia, based on data from the CIA and the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the GDR shortly after the negotiations.

The CIA and Germany’s BND were high-ranking source in the Secretariat of the Communist party of the Soviet Union. This fact was confirmed by the German politician Egon Bahr (Egon Bahr) in an interview he gave shortly before his death. Russia said that the conversation Corsi and Andropov came through this channel to the attention of the CIA in November 1982.

“Negotiation Corsi passed without public consent. His delegation had always attended by representatives of the Social democratic party of Finland, and secretaries, whose presence was not legitimate in the talks of senior officials. It was about the public and confidential questions that the source could be discussed with the official representatives of the Soviet Union only in the presence of trusted Ministers and officials. in addition, Sorsa, it seems, was not informed about the negotiations other members of the government, not to mention the fact that the issues of nuclear power plant construction and the pipeline was to be discussed in Helsinki, according to Rusi.

“Sorsa never caught that hid these secret negotiations. He held a strong enough political position that he could ignore the constitutional norms, in solving the issues of public diplomacy at the party level.”

According to Rusi, talks Corsi and Andropov reminded of the current situation — cooperation of the former Prime Minister of Finland Paavo Lipponen (Paavo Lipponen) and Esko Aho (Esko Aho) with “Gazprom” and “Sberbank”.

“Maybe Finland is worth checking whether there is now a need to consider the Logan act in relation to certain citizens of Finland,” reports Russ.