The fleet of the Verkhovna Rada want to radically change

At the meeting of the Procedural Committee of Parliament presented a project for the gradual replacement of the fleet of the Verkhovna Rada on electric cars. The need to upgrade the carpool officially outdated due to the age of the vehicles and the high cost of their content. Annual funding for the carpool, which has 174 machines, up to 50 million hryvnia. The main item of expenditure carpool – fuel: petrol/diesel for 2016 has exceeded one-third of all costs. In addition, the average age of cars is 13 years old, and their content is growing annually by a quarter, writes “Commander in chief”.

Calculations of the Verkhovna Rada testify over the next six years on fuel for deputies of the machines will be spent 55.1 million UAH. and spare parts, batteries, tires, etc. – still 26.6 million hryvnia (together 81,7 million).

To purchase electric cars, officials want to gradually. For example, in 2018-2019, we plan to replenish the fleet of ten cars (in 8.7 million), in the next two years – 27 environmental cars. The remaining 2022.

Partially funds must come from the sale of old fleet through the auction.