TOP 10 new professions in the Ukrainian industry

We never knew for sure what we’re gonna be when we grow up. The present generation has more serious worries. 60% of children going to primary school are likely to work in such occupations, which do not currently exist. This means that children will have to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of society, writes

This situation will create spontaneous opportunities for countries to improve their performance in unexpected niches. In that case, if new generations will find themselves in life, and the state and business will allow it. Or, on the contrary, the country risks losing everything if the youth will not have opportunities to learn new skills. This is stated in the report of the Future of Jobs world economic forum.

At the Davos forum, there are Human Capital Index. He shows how education in different countries in accordance with the local realities and current needs of local employers. In particular, the index shows whether the training excessive or insufficient compared with the available job opportunities.

It is noteworthy that Ukraine was rather high position in the index of the world economic forum in 2016. We occupied the 23rd position in the world for quality of education against the needs of employment and side by side in the ranking with Latvia and the Czech Republic.

60% of children going to primary school are likely to work in such occupations, which do not currently exist

Countries that are best able to contain their human capital in good shape is Finland, and Japan. In the latter educational model almost coincide with the needs of employment. This means that the country practically does not prepare specialists, who will remain useless in the new economy.

Ukraine, like other post-Soviet countries, is at a high position, including the fact that most professions and work places were established during the Soviet era: education fits in well with the then needs of the society. Unlike Muslim countries, for example, where the weakest link (in our view) has always been the employment of women, our country already for a long time gives equal chances for professional development, in terms of gender and age.

In Ukraine, at first glance, all is well: higher education in 2016 have received several times more people than in the year of independence – 1991. But the students often go to University for prestige and “brown”. Complementary knowledge they receive. This creates a shortage of staff at high offer. The work seems to be there, and no one to work.

“Not everyone needs higher education”, – said recently the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. He stressed that the economy is currently not enough specialists working in specialties (which used to be polytechnics).

It turns out that Ukraine was in a strange situation, on the one hand people diplomas and theoretical knowledge critical mass, and on the other side of the business requires more personnel with practical skills that don’t exist.

Ukraine occupies the 23rd position in the world for quality of education against the needs of employment

Of special note is the IT sector: an army of 100 thousand of Ukrainian specialists working at workplaces in the companies that appeared not more than a decade ago and immediately started to work in global markets. In traditional industries with new frames and modern jobs is tight. But some transformation has already started. As the demand for professionals and their training will gradually migrate towards the digital world.

People vs computers

In 30 years the world will be nearly one trillion Internet-connected devices with built-in supermini chips that will be smarter human brain, said CEO of Japanese tech giant Softbank, Masayoshi Sleep. In his opinion, computers will surpass the human brain in the past three decades in what can be considered an achievement point of singularity.

Robots will be a huge variety: flying, floating, two-legged, micro-robots, multilegged, and so on. The computer will have IQ, which is 100 times higher than the average IQ of a person. Even such simple items of clothing, like sneakers, will have a greater amount of computing power than the human brain.

Masayoshi Sleep
The CEO of Japanese tech giant Softbank

If the current human genius can boast of an IQ level of 200, the machine will have an average figure of 10 000. Our brain consists of 20 billion neurons, which operate as transistors in the chip. I was 20 years ago believed, when the number of transistors in the chip and neurons will be equal: it will be 2018. Recently counted again it turns out that in 2018. Even if I make a mistake in 3-5 years, I’m not particularly worried about it. The main idea here is that for thousands of years, the number of neurons have not changed. We have not built up our hardware. While the number of transistors in the chip by 2040 will increase by a million times.

At the global level, the trend towards automation of jobs can be traced quite clearly. According to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute, the leader in manual labor in the world is agriculture, which employs the largest number of employees. Europe is more active in other industries automatiseret processing industry.

Christopher Pissarides
The winner of the Nobel prize in Economics in 2010 for research on the labour market

Jobs as robotics are reallocated within the service sector, move to other region. Some of this has already happened, others will appear over time, as the production of goods will increasingly be automated. But there are those jobs that may never be able to be mechanized. For example, care for the sick and elderly, work with children in preschool. You do not trust the care of their child the computer will not allow the Autonomous car to take him to school. So when they say that because of the automation of transport drivers soon will not be needed, I think, is still very far away before people can fully trust this service.

Who are preparing for the economy of the future
TOP 3 industries where the transformation has already begun

1. When one pill will cease to cure all diseases

It tells the HR Director of a pharmaceutical company Teva Ukraine Svetlana Kutsenko, the pharmaceutical industry is developing in close connection with the spheres of information technologies, managing big data (BigData), Internet of things, telemedicine, biotechnology, mobile devices.

In this regard, the industry, according to her, now requires new competences, new posts. For example, a specialist in working with big data or project Manager in the field of telemedicine.

Processing the medical data using big data algorithms in the near future significantly change the face of the profession of pharmacist and doctor. The more patient data is processed, the more accurately you can approach each of them.

There are more sensors and gadgets that will collect information directly from human body and transmit them to the cloud. The medicine has a chance to become predictive and preventive as health problems can be identify the early stages.

2. Early agronomists worked in the fields, now on tablets

“The future has arrived already today”, – says the head of HR and communications kernel Natalia khvostova.

Drastic change and requirements to knowledge and skills of the long-established professions. “Today, the agronomist works not so much with soil and plant as with Analytics informsystem, satellite images of fields”, says Khvostov.

The specialist remotely controls the process, defines the problem and decides on the basis of digital data.

“Today, the market raises requirements for employees, new equipment, parts, modern production technology, equipment for precision farming – all this requires new knowledge, regular training, exchange of experience. There’s a new specialty – pilot drones, the dispatcher of the monitoring center, engineer at precision farming, GIS analyst,” adds the founder of Smart Farming Artem Belenkov.

However, the education system, unfortunately, does not have time to meet the new business needs. “Therefore companies seek their own methods of training and development of its specialists,” adds Khvostov.

3. Energy changes

Change begins with business. First, business is changing the vision itself and generates tasks for the future, and then new directions.

“This creates a market and it determines what the desired profession, what skills are key and the extent of their demand. We see that the development of business and employees are closely interrelated. And strive for each employee to provide training to its skills continually meet the challenges,” says Academy Director of DTEK, Evgeniy Bondarenko.

Technology has changed every profession. At the stations of renewable energy has fewer people than conventional generation. “Green” create a lot of jobs during the construction phase of the plants, but not require large amounts of personnel to operate due to the high level of automation. For example, at the botievo wind farm has 21 employees. But to get the same amount of electricity from the CHP would need significantly more staff.

In the gas industry is automation. The gas treatment facility, DTEK Neftegaz implemented an automated control system. It constantly monitors more than 300 parameters of his condition and manages more than 80 mechanisms. Of course, there is a need for employees, which analyzes the work of such systems. But this does not mean that employees with low qualifications will lose their jobs. The goal is to develop employees so they can tackle increasingly complex tasks, and to grow with the company.

The future today

The representatives of new professions talk about what they do and how they got into the profession

Evgeny Solodkiy
Head of Department reservoir simulation, DTEK Neftegaz

I’m a geologist in the third generation. Code went to University – it was rather curiosity than the desire to be a geologist. Just decided to try it, but in the end, fell in love with this profession. After the University started to read the subject “Geology”, the idea of changing the specialty is gone. Of course, there was the dream of becoming a chef, but everything remained at the level of Hobbies. What we’re learning, is located at great depths – sometimes 3 km away, and in our case – 5-6 km and more. Just have to look and see what is there, we don’t have the opportunity. Before to start development of a Deposit, you need to collect and process vast amounts of information. Before the data was applied to the paper map that helped to make only a two-dimensional view of the field. Now you can create 3D and 4D model of the field – because the rock properties change with time.

Bogdan Krivitsky
Head of the Department of precision farming agricultural company IMC

Faculty of ecology and biotechnology, engaged in automation proizvodstvennyh processes, cost control of inventory in the company Svarog West Group. But gradually, the division set new objectives in introducing precision farming systems – auto-pilot and yield mapping. These directions worked, and I just realized what I want to do in life. After two years of work in Svarog was proposed to create and lead dressed the exact zemledelia in the holding of the IMC. This offer is a sin to refuse. Now the problems are different. For example, we are in the process of equipment tractors systems auto-pilot. Here is an example from experience. Work 500-horsepower tractor with a subsoiler. Implement width of 5.93 m. But the mechanic hedged. In the end, each time it covers at least 0.5 m to avoid errors. Thus, the actual annual volume of work — 2350 ha. at the expense of more rational use of the working width can be increased to 2550 ha. the auto-pilot System will pay for itself in about a year.

Yuri Zhabsky
Director of the Maritime wind farm DTEK RES

In 1993, I was on a business trip in Holland. And there’s the first time I saw large wind turbines. Interested in this. Come to Ukraine and find like-minded people, which at that time was preparing a programme for the development of wind energy in our country. So I got into this field. Stood near its source. I built Novoazovskiy wind power capacity of 25 MW. In the beginning it was the largest in Eastern Europe. In 2012, the team of DTEK renewables launched Batievsky wind power capacity of 200 MW, which today remains the largest in Ukraine and is among top 10 largest in Central and Eastern Europe. Now run the project of construction of a coastal wind farm in the Zaporizhia region. Wind energy is one of the fastest growing energy sectors in the world. To implement effective projects in “wind”, you need to constantly follow the trends in the market and be aware of the latest technical solutions and innovations.

Sergey Andrushenko
The head of the group of pilots

Before you settle in who was serving in the ATO, which is also involved in drones. My group is four people. Orders for the overflight and photography come from different companies, from agro to geodesy. Many people think that in order to be a pilot, you just need to buy a drone. But this is not so. Here the necessary technical knowledge and good preparation. Mandatory requirement – the presence of rights. I the whole of Ukraine has traveled. Combine business with pleasure. Work as a pilot and travel.

TOP 10
new professions in the Ukrainian industry
(according to the market survey)

  • Specialist agrometeorology

This specialist works with satellite images and electronic maps of the fields in order to maximize the area of crops, control crop at different stages.

  • The operator of a drone

Gaining momentum crop monitoring with unmanned aerial vehicles — drones. While no person can not do — need statement. On the salaries of such specialists start from 10 thousand hryvnia. Agro is one of the main industries that uses drones. Recently, the drone operators are in demand also in the construction, surveying and for overflight of industrial facilities.

  • Engineer-mechanic

Mechanic, who used to run a tractor “by eye”, and today manages the most complex and innovative unit with 3-4 monitors. He carries out work specified tecarta, regulates the flow of fertilizer depending on the speed

  • Geologist in 3D reservoir simulation

Creates a three-dimensional model fields. To do this, they are studying seismic data, geophysical and gas-hydrodynamic studies, review the operation of oil wells. The 3D model helps to find the best locations for drilling, to determine the number of wells that must be drilled, to reduce geological risks. The 3D model shows which wells can produce more, if we hold events to intensify. All this helps to optimize investments and increase the profitability of the company. In Ukraine the demand for such professionals appeared about 10 years ago. And now these professionals a few dozen.

  • GPS Manager

In some Ukrainian agricultural holdings have departments like the departments of GPS and GIS, which consist of specialists to monitor the movement of agricultural machinery; research into the causes of downtime; maintaining records. They are required including the ability to do GPS monitoring.

  • Manager of renewable energy projects

The start of renewable energy development in Ukraine is considered to be 2009, when a law was passed, setting a green tariff for electricity. Profession Manager of renewable energy projects appeared together with the industry, and it is at the junction of several examinations, which are impossible to obtain within a single basic education. This combination of knowledge in power engineering, electrical engineering, construction, land development and project management. Today, when the number of projects in the green energy sector is growing rapidly, the need for such specialists has become a critical.

  • The energy auditor

An expert who helps to determine the potential of energy saving and energy efficiency status in the building, construction or industrial plant. Also, it will help to plan energy efficiency measures, predict their cost, compare different tools and funding sources.
DTEK ESKO now, for example, has 6 energy auditors who conducted over 500 energy audits of various facilities, buildings and structures, as well as 12 energy audits of large industrial enterprises, such as thermal power plants, mines, coal preparation plants and power companies.

  • Manager CRM and digital marketing in the agricultural

Before such a position could be found only in Ukrainian Internet projects. In Syngenta today, for example, employs a Manager, CRM and digital marketing – specialty at the intersection of professional knowledge in the agronomy, marketing and IT. We are talking about developing mobile applications for farmers, the development and implementation of information – analytical systems for the management of agricultural business. This can be, for example, the tool of forecasting the appearance of pests and diseases in the fields and providing recommendations to prevent their development.

  • Engineer solar power plant

With the development of alternative sources of energy become more and more popular engineers on the manufacturing and installation of solar power plants. On employers offer specialists on installation of SES from 7.5 to 30 thousand UAH per month. Learn to be an expert on solar energy is possible in the departments of ecology different higher educational institutions of Ukraine (e.g., Kiev, KPI them. I. Sikorsky).

  • Manager, expertise of investment projects

The post appears in different industrial sectors as soon as you start to receive new business niches, often associated with the introduction of new technologies. DTEK, for example, such a post appeared in 2016 in connection with the need for a more in-depth analysis of investment projects and determine their priority with the latest trends in the industry.

Andrew McAfee
Economist, lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of technology

In the world that we are creating very quickly, we will soon begin to see more and more things that look like science fiction, and fewer and fewer things that look like jobs. Our cars will soon be driving themselves. This means that we will need fewer truck drivers. We connect Siri to Watson and we’ll use it for automation, which is now performing the service staff and technical support. We’ve already got a droid R2D2, painted it orange, and sent to transport goods around the warehouse. This means that we will now have much less people wandering up and down the warehouse aisles.

Where to move

Whether Ukrainian specialists to be afraid of robotics and what skills to develop

The world is changing rapidly, and new jobs that appear in the industry, are increasingly not correspond to professional training. Global reason – stepping robots.

“According to the global forecast, EY, 47% of occupations in the developed world with the big share of probability will be automated within the next 20 years”, – says the Manager of consulting services Department for improving the efficiency EY in Ukraine Oleksiy Shmuratko.

According to him, it’s time to think about what kind of qualifications will continue to be demanded by the employer, and which tasks in the next 10-15 years will be transferred to the robots in manufacturing or in the office.

“2/3 of specialties susceptible to automation,” adds the head of talent development, Deloitte Ukraine Angela poddubnaja.

Speaking about the labour market in Ukraine, there is not much panic due to the invasion of robots.

“Rather, we are talking about the penetration of IT (new applications) deeper into the business”, – stressed the head of expert-analytical center of International HR portal HeadHunter Ukraine Ekaterina, Krivoruchenko.

The use of these modern tools requires companies and their employees flexibility and adaptability, willingness to “pump” skills.

Besides IT, the expert identifies the Ukraine as a trend as the rate of the cross-functionality of personnel.

“Valued professionals who work “at the intersection” professions. Many companies are looking to form a team of professionals with expertise in several industries,” – emphasizes Krivoruchenko.

Another important quality – mobility. The researchers suggest that soon people will master the 10-14 jobs by 38 years.