Bezviz for Ukraine in questions and answers

The Ukrainians hope that this summer will be able to travel to the EU without visas. The website “Today” decided to answer the most common questions about visa-free regime.

What is bezviz?

Visa-free regime is on the entry and stay in the territory of a particular country without a visa. EU citizens move freely between member countries the Schengen area, because a key principle of the Association is Europe without borders.

And in what specific country I will be able to drive?

Bezviz will open up the opportunity to visit 30 countries. Here include States that join the EU, as well as members of the Schengen area – Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. But for trips in the UK or Ireland will have to do a visa.

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What documents to take, if the visa is no longer needed?

To travel to the EU without visas will only Ukrainians with biometric foreign passport. You need to be prepared for the fact that at the border control may ask you to present documents confirming the purpose of visit (invitation letter or return ticket), and to request information about the place of stay, financial means (enough to have a Bank card or cash) and medical insurance. Note that all documents, except for the biometric passports are not required but recommended. While e-tickets or hotel booking you need to print in order to pass the border quickly and without nerves.

Where to get a biometric passport?

Biometric passports are issued in divisions of the State migration service. Ukrainians in other countries will have to apply to the diplomatic institutions. Biometrics will cost from 557 to 810 UAH depending on the period of registration.

I have a normal passport with a valid visa. What to do?

To change the current paper passport is not necessary. Paper passports can be used until the expiry of their actions. If you already have a visa rate, as its duration is consistent with your plans. So, the owners of long-term multiple entry visas need not worry – they can defer making plastic document until, when they run out of valid visa.

How long can I stay in the EU?

Not exceeding 90 days within 180 days. This period of floating, because there is often a mess. Especially careful should be those who are going to travel frequently to the EU. Fortunately, there is a special calculator where you can calculate everything exactly.

And nothing will happen if I violate the rules of entry?

All violators submit to a special closed database – the Schengen information system SIS. And then everything can result in a ban on re-entry to the EU.

Will I be able to live and work in the EU?

For legal employment, you must individually obtain permission to work, and the right of permanent residence provides for a residence permit. But the visa-free regime with the EU – a great chance to go for an interview, to take a short practice and negotiate with potential employers about jobs.

Than bezviz will help students?

In addition to travel and meeting new people is an opportunity to choose a University or preparatory courses. There are many short-term youth programs, which are funded by the EU. No longer have to pay for the visa to go for training or to visit the volunteer camp. Also, bizviz very helpful to students who are already enrolled in the universities of the EU – they can easily visit relatives and friends.

And what are the pros for lovers of travel?

The list can be long. Starting with the fact that usually the tourists have to think in advance about the documents, the cost of the visa and to contact the Embassy of the country in which they spend most of the trip. Moreover, last minute tickets or stock, almost a dream. Typically, travel agencies offer a visa for a few days, but take costly, and the result is not always successful. Now you will be able to easily plan any journey (from shopping to extreme stages) and to make trails as your heart desires.