Fat from Ukraine conquers world markets

Ukraine is gradually opening up new markets for fat – product started to export to Azerbaijan, Armenia and Kazakhstan, reports Business Views with reference to the statistics of the SFS and the data of the state statistics.

The volume of exports to these countries in 2016 amounted to 53.8 thousand dollars in cash.

Also last year, the fat is exported to Estonia, Germany, Cambodia, Singapore, Canada, Panama, Australia and even to the Bahamas. Volumes of supplies of fat in these countries amounted to 27.8 thousand dollars.

These trends are observed against a background of almost 100% reduction of export of Ukrainian bacon in Russia.

As reported, the ro January-April 2017 FromKrajina imported less pig offal and fat compared to the same period last year. At the same time, exports of these commodity groups, on the contrary, higher than those of 2016 for the relevant months.