The Chechen killers in Europe: reality or fiction?

“Whether in Europe, the Chechen killers?” is the title of a review of a new TV movie many years the Moscow correspondent of a major German political weekly magazine Spiegel Benjamin Bidder (Benjamin Bidder).

The first German channel showed a documentary, not a journalistic investigation and a feature film, but the severity of the theme is not reduced. We are talking about the most popular not only in Germany but also in Austria and Switzerland the television series “tätort” — “crime scene”, the premiere of which was collected on Sundays on channel ARD, averaging about a million viewers.

Under the gun

The series in this case — the conditional name. This is the brand under which there are movies of different socio-legal channels. They are different — local — police commissioners, this time from the Swiss city of Lucerne. They have to deal with the Chechen killers, both with Pro-and anti-Kadyrov. Here’s one of them sitting with a sniper rifle in the ambush — Ruslan Abaev, a refugee from Chechnya, several years ago, asked for political asylum in Switzerland. Actually his name is Ramzan Hassanov, he is a member of the Chechen war, who fought against Russian Federal. Moscow considers him a criminal and a terrorist, who was allegedly preparing terrorist attacks of suicide bombers-suicide.

Haskanum, Abievym hunt in the film, which is called “Fragments of war” not only the Swiss detectives. Its issuance requires the Russian Ambassador, looking for him arrived from Chechnya niece Noor to avenge his mother who was the “black widow” and that Kashkanov sent to death. Ordered the murder of his current Chechen leadership, and Kashkanova pursues professional killer — all in black, silent and scary, as befits the on-screen killer.

“Sometimes the whole story seems to be adventurous fiction, but it – realistic,” writes Benjamin Bidder. He emphasizes that there are indications that the current Chechen authorities “have access to” (literally formulates a German journalist) to the teams of killers who hunt in different countries for opponents of the regime.

Ramzan Kadyrov, of course, denies this. But it almost open threat to critics, his almost ostentatious independence from the Moscow authorities, and most importantly, the facts tell a different story. So, the murder of Anna Politkovskaya was committed, what has been proven, the Chechen killers. But those who ordered it, went unpunished. The assassination of Boris Nemtsov, as many believe, all there was almost Ramzan Kadyrov. Its serious competitors in the struggle for power was considered at the time the Yamadayev brothers. “Considered” (past tense) because both shot: Ruslan in Moscow, Sulim, a Hero of the Russian Federation, by the way — in Dubai. And in Turkey the murder of immigrants, Chechens have become almost commonplace.

Won’t go into detail about the plot of the film. It begins with the murder of a Swiss journalist, who was investigating the bloody events in Grozny, and who was thrown out of the window of the fifth floor. In addition to detectives and killers one of the main characters of the film — Nurali, brother came from Chechnya with a gun in the bag Nura, a boy adopted by a Swiss family and cursing the Chechen war: “This is your war, not mine!” Alas, he gets caught up in the Chechen disassembly. As the West in General — this idea runs through the whole film.