On the treacherous thoughts and the errors of the senses

There is a figure of speech: I chased away the treacherous thought. What kind of idea is this, why every, literally every can sometimes feel like a traitor.

What could be easier. In the very first lines of the narrative on Eugene Onegin, which students in Russia almost fifty years absorbed and discussed as a model for behavior, is plainly stated what “thought the young playboy, jumping in the dust on postage”. Of course, can not in such a rude manner, “when the devil take you”, but still. Or here’s another example of treasonous thoughts. A loved one dies, next to which someone has lived for many years in care in everyday communication are, at times, where without it, in mutual irritation, the inability to go out and enjoy life without regard to time of return home. And then, mixed with grief, the treacherous thought creeps in about the new freedom, a relief.

Of course, no direct betrayal, but then such an idea — instead of all-consuming grief is considered to be called treacherous. However, let’s go a little further, because the path of betrayal is not one step. Today, on March 5, 2017, thinking, as modest forces, the population of the Russian Federation has a reason to try out several of the treacherous thoughts. The centenary of the great revolution of 1917 has converged with the anniversary of the death of the main beneficiary of these revolutions — the father of the peoples, comrade Stalin. It would seem, how not to think, not to grieve, not to ponder how in 1917 the Russian Empire collapsed, in 1953, his death died its restorer, as we look at this thirty-fifth the middle of the last century after a quarter of a century the collapse of Stalin’s fake Empire. And the treacherous thoughts of the Russian people different.

Some petalouda that here, they say, do not want to hear anything about century Russian revolutions, after all, this country has lost! Recall, for instance, as Stalin himself at the beginning of world war II himself complained to the Politburo: “Lenin left us a great country, and we blew it”. So since then, and stayed with him this nickname — Prosrali, aggravated physical uncleanliness, which recalled the companions of the leader of the links and emigration. In sorrow petaloudes no-no flashes treacherous thought, not are we heading briskly to where along with us were other great empires — Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, British? Yes, of course, going slower lag, but all attempts of containment and recovery until that nothing good has not resulted. Well, foodusual from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine tidbit, but it’s the use great of it is not. On the contrary, at the borders and in the Caucasus, and along the Ukrainian border some gangs here and there around and there is no power that could appease them in case. A thinking person can not see a direct link to the 1917 revolutions, the Stalinist Imperial revenge and still the inevitable collapse that kept blood, corruption, betrayal.

And those who want the revival of Stalin-Proscaline, treacherous thought, on the contrary, imbued with all the gloating. “We want freedom, tyrants? Torture and justice did someone cancel? And adcom to indulge? Ah, fear us, Russia, talking, kids in the States scare? So good well. So dream well. So fuck, so perdiem that the whole world will spread. But there was nothing to bomb Yugoslavia!” Treacherous thought this silences a false sense of outraged justice. Two-deception give in the amount of death and hatred. And even countless treasures, reclaimed a quarter of a century different post-Soviet people, are not comforting.

And those who are innocent, who sweetly in anguish and sorrow, and whose melancholy is so easy heated Russian melancholy poetry, which they treacherous thought? Aren’t they faithful to his eternal pechalnye Russia? Is it not for them, wrote Alexander Blok?

“Oh, my Rus, my wife, to the pain
We clear a long way!
Our way is the arrow of the ancient Tatar will
Got us a chest…
Our way of the steppe, the path in the boundless longing,
In your grief, o Rus!
And even darkness — night and foreign —
I’m not afraid…”

What have these Holy lovers of Russia can be treacherous thought? Do it with them. And it consists in the fact that Russia will again save a miracle. That their sacrifices were not in vain. What you just have to suffer, and then there will be others, better than we, and swept away with the beautiful bodies of the Russian KGB, the oligarchs, thieving and losers troechnikov. And at the helm of the liberation of the country will rise movers and horoshist growing in our tabernacles is still the world’s best kindergartens and mental hospitals.

After the death of comrade Stalin organs gouges completely forgotten how to grow the treacherous thoughts in the utterly loyal to the regime heads. Therefore, pre-emptive strikes against the internal enemy we can’t see the pathetic shooting of the alleged competitors are few and unforgivable softness in relation to close associates is all could brag to Stalin and his heirs.

That’s why he was not invited to the conversation. What they told him? Chechnya became an independent Republic? That the Donetsk-Luhansk guerilleros not subject to Federal center? Throughout the ten Stalin’s blows, the Red army smashed to smithereens? What the Supreme command of the former Soviet Russia had built palaces, between which run no time, even under every Bush waiting for them to complete equipment Gopnik — punching, topcat-krossovkah, brooms bath, tishotki cool? Treacherous thought that comrade Stalin would have been dissatisfied with the leadership of the Russian Federation, is seen frequently visits the bosses, and the bosses from itself can not hide this unpleasant fact.

Why, like a helpless liberals and namby-pamby intellectuals, cannot KGB bosses even hurt a fly, stealing the smells of oil and gas over the table if this fly — its?

Because most from the death of Stalin, so do not be afraid of the KGB authorities, the repetition of the Stalinist experience. The treacherous thought that the war with the external enemy, especially imaginary, they can leave, though not the winner, but without personal loss. But in an internal war with the participation of girkina Motorola may lose everything. The magic Cockerel who popahivayut external enemies, fly, irregular hours, on your aerospace hearth and well — bite? What then?

No, of course we understand that not bite, that the people they are patient, but this treacherous idea that — with all neischislimye of excellence noncommissioned officer widows — someone could suddenly saved an officer’s honor streaming myrrh the Kremlin stars, the mummy of Lenin, the cross of St. Vladimir, like a fake put on guard of the Kremlin.

Star rushed over bumps! And — as the old rhyme to the eighth of March — right dear pants. Managed our Crimean sister prokuroru, Princess Poklonsky born in Russia with brains and talent. Japanese anime beauty with a keen sense of political expediency. The other would be silent, or even lied, and Princess Taylor immediately told the whole truth. Zamirotochila we are not Lenin and not Stalin, not the icon of the virgin (who knows, maybe she really is preparing to get rid of you-know-who?!). Zamirotochila we, comrades, Germa Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov, known as Nicholas Palkin, Nicholas and just Bloody Nikolashka. That young rowed to swing the two “Matilda” with Royal brother. As long as Krasnoarmeyskaya ungrateful bastard is not interrupted dynastic rowing deep in the heart land of Russia. But the Princess Poklonskaya — soul rebel, seaside, closely to her in Russian history. That she, the aristocrat of the spirit, has awakened the treacherous idea that Stalin is still dead, and people need other moral guidance. And if grandpa Lenin ceased to give the signals, then is it not time to bust royalty semioticity to all death to spite?

You ask how to treat all these people? Yes here it is, our method of treatment! After all, if we are all pretending to be crazy, we will begin to apply? The lifting of sanctions? Drive, rid myself of this treacherous idea. But the treacherous thought rests. “God forbid I go crazy…”