To the club — with taste: how to make a child’s diet depending on his Hobbies

In children attending an educational club, section or club, parents always try to push the food — both before and after class to maintain its power. How true this is? And give your child to drink, for example, juices — worth? And if so, how to increase the effectiveness of training? The answers to these questions, we searched Boris Skachko, dietician, therapist, herbalist, medical blogger.

“With any activities the body consumes more active in it proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, as well as intracellular fluid. Therefore, feeding the child, the parents do the right thing, says Boris Glebovich. — Another thing is that depending on the occupation of certain substances a child’s body uses more. That’s their loss first and need to be replaced. And, therefore, not just feed-water of the child “food” and “juice,” namely a certain food and juice”.

Intellectuals — root vegetables, sweet fruits and cereals

If the child attends a circle of howcast, experimenters, playing chess, exploring space, flora and fauna or engaged in other activities that require active perturbation of the brain — it has an increased need for glucose and carbohydrates.

Because before class (40-60 minutes) it’s worth to feed porridge from whole grains (buckwheat, millet, oat bran or barley) or a dish of legumes (beans, lentils,
chickpeas, peas).

These products are a source of carbohydrates. In addition, these carbohydrates — complex, that is, their absorption will be slower, providing the child how long the feeling of satiety, and a sufficient amount of “fuel” for intelligence.

Fruit (or juice from them, as a more easily digestible form of the product) should not give everything, and sweet. For example, banana, grapes, mango, pineapple, persimmon. They are higher glucose levels but lower organic acids, which cause an active secretion of gastric juice and therefore can bring a famine.

For this reason, it is desirable to add fresh juice of root crops (carrots, beets, topinambur): they contain large amounts of starch — polysaccharide, which is a source of glucose and carbohydrates, and completely devoid of properties to increase the secretion of gastric juice.

Immediately after class intellectual should eat a handful of any unshelled raw nuts and again drink the juice of the above fruits and vegetables. And when we return home for dinner.


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Athletes — any vegetables, no cheese and berries

The body of the child, which vytantsovyvalas PA, scoring goals, driving account with a punching bag, or trying on the role of Schumacher, requires increased amounts of the following substances. Animal protein: it is “material” for the muscles. Minerals: while physical activity additionally they come with sweat, and water.

So before a workout (within an hour) of the child should feed the fish or cheese — easily digestible protein. Then, with the active movements of a complete digestion is not difficult: the child will not run with heaviness in the stomach, and his health will not deteriorate as the quality of training.

Juice should be prepared only from vegetables: the athlete actively consumes energy that brings the time of famine, and organic acids in fruit will speed up the desire to eat. In addition, the vegetables had higher levels of minerals and, in particular, of sodium it causes the body to retain fluid, prevent dehydration due to active perspiration. Fruits can be added to the juice except a little — a bit neutral, spicy or tart taste of vegetables, which is not particularly popular with the children. This goal can not be added to vegetables such flavorful Goodies like raspberries, strawberries — these berries, as well as any others that contain even greater amounts of organic acids than most fruits.

For a snack after a workout put in the lunch box of a child the egg. Juice — the same as before. At home, it is possible to have dinner a light protein and vegetables.

Drinking juices.

15 MINUTES. Then the juice will be vitamin and mineral injection.

IMMEDIATELY AFTER CLASS. This will prevent the loss of strength due to the resulting stress, as immediately replenish the body’s level of consumed Goodies.

FRESH. The beneficial properties of the juice in 10 minutes after making it decrease by 5-7%. So give your child juice, prepared immediately before going to class.

OR IN THE GLASS. If you decide to give juice, made industrial, buy one that is sealed in a glass container: it does not enter into chemical reaction with its contents.

NO PICKLES. And also of celery, parsley, parsnip, pumpkin and melons: they have a pronounced diuretic effect.