Eat your stress correctly: how to remove tension and to get better

The usual request for food and stress are phrases like “how to stop stress-eating” or “which foods exacerbate bad mood.” But few people believe in the salvation from stress with food, because it threatens overweight, skin problems and bad food habits, writes

It is not so, if you know the scientific basis of dealing with stress through food. Scientists have found that chemical reactions occurring in our body upon receipt of a particular food may reduce the degree of tension, to help relax and add a bit of pleasant emotions in our lives. But how to approach the list of these products and do not hurt yourself? Just need to eat the right foods, say the nutritionists.


These green stems are not yet too popular in home cooking, and it is absolutely vain. They are very high concentration of folic acid, and it is not reduced even when heat treated product. Namely, its molecules thus affecting our brain is that we have more resources to maintain composure even in extreme situations. Another advantage of the asparagus you can eat as much as necessary in any form without harm to the figures.


First, in avocados more folic acid than any other fruit. And the benefits of this substance in dealing with stress we just said. Secondly, this product contains glutathione, which can block intestinal absorption of certain fats that oxidize and cause adverse reactions during stress. And finally, it contains a lot of lutein, beta-carotene and vitamin E. So you can put a slice of avocado on a sandwich, if expecting trouble.


For example, blueberry is, in fact, an antioxidant that positively affects the body in many ways. Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are rich in vitamin C, whose effectiveness in dealing with stress proven. Research shows a lower concentration of cortisol (stress hormone) in subjects who have to participate in the exciting performance ate some berries. Moreover, this effect cause not only fresh, but frozen berries.


Cashews are not only the best friend of those who sit on a diet, because it contains the most effective combination of protein and fat, but also a good sedative. The fact that this nut a lot of zinc, and its low level of our body is the cause of the stress. The human body is not adapted to preserve the zinc, so it’s important to get it from food every day. This will help the cashews.

Chamomile tea

Classic soothing drink like to drink before bedtime all who are familiar with its healing effects on stress. And with each new study it becomes more and more evidence that chamomile calms. Test on 57 volunteers experiencing anxiety disorder, showed that chamomile tea has significantly reduced the number of symptoms of anxiety and decreased their overall level.


Apart from the purely gastronomic delight, eating chocolate really brings peace. We all unconsciously assume that the chocolate works that way. With an increase in depression or anxiety the body itself generates a need, and we go to the store for another bar of chocolate. How does it work? Well, for example, dark chocolate lowers blood pressure, secretes into the bloodstream polyphenols and flavonols – two varieties of antioxidants. Isn’t it a cause to keep on hand a tile of good chocolate. In moderate doses it will not only help relieve stress, but will not affect the figure.


This plant we used to use as an additive to food like spices or herbs. And no need to skimp on it. Among the chemical compounds, which are rich in garlic, allicin. They prevent heart disease, cancer and viral infections. And since stress weakens our immune system is very important.


Beef the so-called corn-fed suitable for stress less than grass-fed. But in General, any red meat can contribute to a decrease in our anxiety. It has a high content of omega-three fatty acids, which reduce inflammation in the body, including those associated with stress.

Green tea

Although this drink contains and impact the concentration of caffeine, we love him not for it. It also have the tein amino acid that increases the efficiency of the brain and increases its resources for dealing with stress. A few cups a day of green tea will help to reduce anxiety and at the same time make you sluggish and sleepy.


Oatmeal is a set of complex carbohydrates that promote the production of serotonin – the pleasure hormone. Where’s the pleasure, where stress has no place. Studies show that children who eat oatmeal for Breakfast regularly, much better sleep at night.


We’ve talked here about vitamin C. Well, the classic source of this substance have always been citrus. Therefore, we did not exclude from the list antistress-products oranges. Their additional advantage is the large dose of vitamins with a small amount of fruit. That is, it can be easy to take with you in case of unforeseen disorders.


Oysters are good not only as an aphrodisiac, they are also a terrific source of zinc. Six oysters constituting a traditional restaurant serving, contain more than half the necessary dose of the substance. It is best for learning anything they do not mix, just add lemon juice.


Besides the fact that walnut is sweet, and that in itself is detrimental to stress, it also contains alpha-linoleic acid and polyphenols, helps to maintain cognitive functions of the brain. Add walnuts to salads and main dishes to add to your brain the strength to combat stress.