In Iraq, over 30 people were killed in two blasts

In Iraq, over 30 people were killed in two blasts, the responsibility for which was assumed by the Sunni extremist group “Islamic state”.

As reports Radio Freedom, at least 31 people were killed and 35 were wounded in the city Musabi, 80 kilometers South of the capital Baghdad and 30 miles East of the town of Karbala, Holy to Shiites.

An explosion at a crowded market staged a suicide bomber is a woman.

Another four people were wounded in another explosion in Karbala at the bus station in the city centre. There is also undermined itself, a female suicide bomber, but no one died.

Grouping “Islamic state” is losing more and more territories, which it occupied in his time in Iraq and Syria. In particular, in Iraq under their control now, just a few blocks of the city of Mosul in the North of the country, which has long been their stronghold in Syria continues attack on their positions in the city of al-Raqqah, which the group calls its “capital”.