How to learn to balance and enjoy life: TOP 7 easy ways

In modern society, so much hustle and unimportant cases, which completely absorb our time and attention that people sometimes forget and do not have time to enjoy life.

To win constant frustration, fatigue and causeless “naughty” behavior is really, to use in practice the TOP 7 easy ways from

1. Always ask the question “so what?”

Ask yourself this question every time piled a huge number of cases, you feel waves of panic, anxiety and irritability. So what happens if you:

— do not do several things from a long list of “today” and leave attempts to perform something that has long been given up?

— keep calm and smile instead of the half-hour proceedings, disputes and finger-pointing?

— stop jumping over his head, completing impossible in a limited time frame, and will gradually increase their level of quality and performance to give a stable result.

Answer honestly to these questions, and you will see how the situation will immediately become clearer.

2. Get rid of envy

It makes no sense to envy those who have achieved something. You don’t know all the circumstances in which it occurred, is therefore unlikely to be able to draw the right conclusions from the success stories of certain people. To live in harmony with yourself, you need to watch out only for themselves, for their own development, to enjoy the process and the quality of its results.

3. Change your behavior

Negativity permeates our minds and affects our daily happiness even through the words and phrases that we use. For example, “I can’t / beyond my control / tired / no opportunities” etc. to change their behavior to start, try for one day to control their speech. You will notice, how often do you use negative phrases and words.

The next step is the translation of the meaning in a neutral or even positive manner. Instead of “don’t worry”, say “be quiet!”, instead of “don’t be upset!” “what good do you see in this situation?”. You will understand how easy it is to maintain a good mood, you’re always smiling and joyful.

4. Release

If the situation is too stressful for you, not trying to “razrulit” by force. The less you pay attention, the more ways to solve it you will see. You will only have to choose among them the most simple and rational.

5. Stop fuss and complicate

Do not wrap itself, and not in a hurry. Listening to your inner desires. Just so you understand, live their lives, not the parent or imposed on marketing, don’t do unnecessary things, do not pursue unnecessary pleasures. Every inhale and exhale in pleasure.

6. Be self-sufficient

You don’t need a babysitter to be happy. Nobody knows better than you what makes you calm, happy, and no one can give you a sense of joy, if you can not find pleasure yourself. Once you realize this, you will waive the waiting kicks from the Universe and external aid to improve mood.

7. Stop trying to solve other people’s problems

Stop playing the role of listener to other people’s sorrows, and stop solving other people’s questions if you have confusion with similar. You will see how you have a lot of personal time for themselves, their thoughts and designs that help is only for those who really need it, but not everyone. It is much easier to live without whiners and eternal sufferers, which will disappear from your life, once you realize that you are no longer their “vest”.