In Russia boasted a wooden model of a new bomber

In Russia created a full-sized model of the future strategic bomber. According to the news Agency TASS, the layout has developed OKB Tupolev.

It is reported that perspektivnyi aviation complex distant aviation (PAK DA) will be a strategic bomber-rocket carrier of new generation. Work on the aircraft began in 2009, the first flight is planned for 2019, and by 2025 to make the bomber into service. PAK DA will replace the FSI Russian aircraft long-range strategic aviation Tu-95 and Tu-160 and will take over the functions of the Tu-22M3.

Promising aircraft is little known, and “Tupolev” has not commented to journalists the progress of the works. However, an unnamed source from the military-industrial complex told the newspaper that the design Bureau has already developed the first full-scale model of the PAK DA wood, as well as several models of strategic missile-carrying bomber of composite materials. Models made on a “flying wing”.

Otmechaetsya that the new bomber will apply technology to reduce radar signature, particularly, radar absorbing materials, and all the weapons will be placed inside the aircraft. In addition, PAK DA will be equipped with modern means of electronic warfare, which has no analogues in efficiency.