For the construction of the wall on the U.S. border and Mexico has allocated only $ 20 million

To implement the idea of the US President Donald trump about building a wall on the border with Mexico until allocated only $ 20 million, which is not enough to implement the grandiose plan, announced Wednesday the Agency “Reuters” with reference to which his document of the Ministry of homeland security (DHS).

According to the Agency, the document was prepared by that office and circulated among staff of the U.S. Congress related to the Federal budget last week. In it, in particular, specifies that $ 20 million will be transferred from two other projects — the construction of a border fence near the town of NACO (Arizona) and the installation of special cameras along the border.

As emphasized, the representatives of the DHS has not yet responded to a request for comment on the situation.

According to the Agency, the total cost of construction of a fence and a wall on the border with Mexico will be 21.6 billion dollars.

The President of the United States Donald trump ordered to develop a project to build a wall on the border with Mexico, which, according to him, to pay Mexico itself. The authorities of the Latin American countries categorically say they are not going to pay. Trump acknowledged that perhaps the original wall still have to pay American taxpayers. However, the US President reflects on the methods of recovery of these funds from the Mexico — for example, by imposing trade taxes or cutting aid to the Mexican government.