Interview with Vice Premier Zubko: “Khrushchev proposed not to demolish and rebuild”

— You more than two years, not only Deputy Prime Minister but also the Minister of regional development, construction and housing. Regional development is notorious decentralization about which everyone talks. In this area now? What has changed dramatically?

— In April will be three years that went into the process of decentralization were adopted necessary laws. But it is not only the creation of territorial communities, which today 366
and that brought together about 1,800 communities, or almost 20% of the total number in the country, especially in rural areas. This understanding on the ground that they transferred money and authority. If you compare the 2015-th, 16-th and 17-th, we see the increase in local development budgets by almost half! On the ground begin to build your strategy development. It primarily lays the attraction of investments and, as a consequence, additionally in January of this year, the resulting increase revenues through personal income tax by 40%. Adoption of February 9, laws about service in bodies of local administration (MLA) allows a new to form a talent pool, to attract professionals to de-politicize the local Executive authorities.

— Now, why couldn’t before?

For example, expanded the powers of the chiefs. Earlier the head of the village Council only received money from the district budget, they now have the opportunity to participate in the formation and distribution of the budget and to provide the population with administrative services. Modernization of housing and construction is parallel. When asked where to take money for roads, youth and housing policy, the money in the estate tax, on the ground that the excise tax.

Decentralization is a change management system that transparently manages the money of taxpayers. If we change the final — will significantly accelerate the development of the economy, because it will start to rise not at the expense of large enterprises, and small and medium businesses. City head already starting to think about what you need to do to attract investors for filling taxes in the budget.

Local government can now adopt local budget before Parliament, and to plan their budgets for the next three years. They see the tax base, budget development and make their plans. When we first in 2015 began to implement the fiscal decentralization, the local authorities planned volume of all local budgets at the level of 70 billion UAH, and finished the year 98.5. When he said the budget of 2016, many took him to the level of 2015, they say, fearing that you will not collect more taxes. But in the middle of 2016, OMS has perepisali to 125 billion, finished the year at 149 billion by 2017 approved 175 billion. And when I mayors say they don’t have enough money for “communal”, etc., I ask: “which one of you got the content of the budget in less than a year ago? Those who remained in the accounts less money than a year ago? Silent”.

Local governments can collect three times more money than now, if you’ll identify those who are illegally, without paying excise duty, sells petroleum products, alcohol who do not pay for the land, but is not prepares. For example, a water utility in the White Church, before the arrival of new management, were allegedly losing 25% water. When began to understand, some city Council members work on a gratuitous water wash, others the company does not pay for water. Now there’s a loss of only 12%. Need time until the local authorities understand that the content of the budget in their hands. Then the Ukrainians will feel that began to live better — as it will start to repair schools and kindergartens, as well as roads.

Now acute question of the blockade of Donbass. According to various estimates, the reserves of coal to provide the country with heat and electricity remained at 30-40 days. What you need to do in order to avoid state of emergency in the energy sphere of the country?

— All anti-crisis measures that need to be done in connection with the restriction of the supply of anthracite coal, we have already done. Introduced emergency measures, involving great strain on the capacity of thermal power plants operating on gas group of coal, have restricted the operation of thermal power units operating on anthracite, raised the production of nuclear energy. The local administration has developed with the enterprises work schedules to reduce peak consumption (now someone earlier starts and terminates, some later. — Ed.). It is possible to reduce the consumption of anthracite in the country with 30 thousand tonnes to 19 thousand, to get uninterrupted supply industry, population and sotsinfrastruktury. Such efforts have made it possible to gain time, to save coal and to end the heating season. The blockade began in February, when the temperature is low, because the blocks on anthracite providing not only electricity but also heat.

Prepares a planned transition to less scarce coal gas, already prepared for the transition zmiivska TPP plans to Tripoli. But this requires 2-3 years, and finresursy. It is clear that by that time will be taken and policy decisions for restoration of supply of coal. Stated at the highest level that no security measures taken will not be, all in the public sphere, in terms of the negotiations to show threats to blockade not only for energy but also for the industry of Ukraine.

— In order to consume less resource, reform was initiated energy efficiency. How it goes and what the results of “warm credits”?

— Adopted the concept of efficiency, a number of legislative initiatives in the beautifu
GSI in Parliament. This is a bill about the energy efficiency Fund, the energy efficiency of buildings, commercial accounting of zhilkomuslug. We have two years supported by citizens and households, giving a “warm loans.” Issued 164 thousand credits for the sum of UAH 2.5 billion, the government compensated for 800 thousand UAH. Let me remind you that payment by the state of the funds spent on upgrading heating, insulation of buildings and homes. For example, in Lviv there is a condominium Bereginya, they loans put individual heat exchangers to regulate the temperature in the apartments, and now they have heated square meter is 22 UAH/month., and the average for Lviv 33 UAH/month., saving more than 30%.

The number of credits is very small…

— Of course, 164 thousand credits is very small, as only high-rise buildings of the country there are 7.5 million households. But the process is in the budget for 2017 laid 800 million UAH for compensation from the state and an additional co-financing is 3 billion UAH from international organizations.

— It has been said that residents should create a condominium, but few Ukrainians are willing to shoulder the responsibility of zheks. Yes, and don’t understand how to look for the Council on condominiums, if work is not satisfied.

Condominiums or management companies is necessary for the formation of owners who can use the money allocated by the state. Now among 120 thousand high-rise buildings already established on 22 thousand condominiums, bringing together 26 thousand
ball homes. It is very important that, in addition to government support, they can use and municipal support. For the reconstruction and repair of housing stock now primarily get money condominiums. They have the opportunity to get for your money quality and fair service to choose a contractor. When the Ministry of regional development established a Public Council of condominiums, which promotes the results achieved, helps those who turn to it, to remove the pitfalls. The country will change, when will be the responsible owner of every house, the community, finally the state.

— Construction of Ukraine now had started to grow. But little is heard about the affordable housing programs for the population, social housing programs 70/30 and 50/50, housing for military beneficiaries. Now the state is doing in this area?

— Affordable housing for the population for more than two years are not funded. The state now sends all funds allocated in the budget for the acquisition or partial reimbursement of the cost of housing the people who serve in the army or in law enforcement bodies, participants of the ATO.

— In Kiev and other cities many houses unfinished. Can the state to do something to them or added onto, or demolished?

It is also a question of decentralization. Architectural-construction control, as well as the ability to deal with the unfinished as a privately owned and municipal, we gave the local authorities. This year the increase in local budgets for 49 billion. They now have the tools and powers need only the time and the activity of OMS. I hope that within a few years the problem of unfinished projects will be solved.

Why the recent increase in emergency collapse and gas explosions in residential homes, hostels? Also, the people who were left homeless for years pestered the local authorities, although by law they are supposed to provide housing free of charge. Can the Cabinet somehow to influence such situation?

— Emergency collapse, explosions in houses has always been. Article 39 of the Law “On regulation of urban development” provides for periodic examinations of the condition of buildings and their communications, but they are now practically not being implemented. If there was a responsible owner and not the housing Department, this would not have happened. Do victims of accidents provide the local governments. But the situation here is complicated. When the builders of sildemow the city authorities allocate land in return for a certain amount of apartments in the building, the municipality not only to distribute their waiting list and beneficiaries, and to create municipal housing stock. It can be provided including for those affected. There is another source of revenue — the property tax. The proceeds are to be used for the purchase of social service and housing without the right of privatization. Decisions on this matter are competent to make to the local authorities.

— When will the solution nationwide issue with the demolition of Khrushchev?

— The law on reconstruction and building of residential areas, adopted in 2006, does not work. On the concept of regional development, Khrushchev should upgrade. This means not only insulation, but a complete reorganization of these houses: the redesign of the heating system from vertical to horizontal, and even better to replace it with heating. A way past Germany, Poland. But we need to carry out inspection and audit of each building, check in what condition it is in, whether will sustain the reconstruction, such as extra insulation. This will allow you to give a second life to these homes. The government can compensate up to 50% of the costs, but to engage in the reconstruction should be the owner.

— When will begin large-scale modernization of heating systems and equipment?

— Modernization of heating systems should be conducted together with thermo-modernization of houses. In small towns the possible failure of the Central heating, it replaces the quarterly boiler houses operating on wood pellets or coal. Where ecology will not allow the alternative will be heating with electricity. There are such examples in the Dnipropetrovsk region is Pokrovsk. Then moved to electric heating, in Kamenetz-Podolsk was CHP who worked at Gaza, now there for funds from the World Bank built several boilers that will run on alternative fuels, will provide not only heat but also electricity. Saving 80 million per year, and the best quality of services.