Psy Post (USA): scientists have discovered how the quarantine has affected the sexual life of people

Scientists from China, Nepal, the UK and Bangladesh explored how the pandemic has changed the sexual life of men and women in different countries of the world. This writes the Psy Post.

Just within a single analysis several studies have been conducted in different parts of the globe.

So, in the work of Chinese scientists during the quarantine, interviewed 459 people from 18 to 45 years: 270 men and 189 women. Every fourth participant of the study said the sharp decline in libido.

Only 18% of men and 8% of women said that in isolation, their sexual desire has increased. About 37% of the participants reported that they began to have sex less often than before, and 32% of men and 39% of women noted that they began to get less pleasure from the process.

Another study covered 120 respondents from Bangladesh, India and Nepal. All of them were married. So, about 3.3% of the respondents said that they began to have sex more often — if they did it once a week, now more than five times. As noted by 50% of spouses, isolation helped them to strengthen emotional intimacy in a couple.