The expert criticized the blockade of Donbass and explained why

Financial analyst, specialist sales of debt securities at Dragon Capital Sergey Fursa has criticized the blockade of Donbass. About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

“There are strategic targets. And professionals who work for them. And to them and a kilometer can not be allowed adventurers who have completed the 3rd class of the parish school… Strange people, led by people with a dubious reputation, begin to break the state monopoly on violence, disrupt the functioning of the strategic object. Choose a brilliant route by which the coal mine of DTEK, registered in Ukraine and paying taxes there, being taken to another company DTEK, also paying taxes in Ukraine. Where is the logic?”, – asks the expert.

While Fursa noted that blockade of Donbass threatens rolling blackouts throughout Ukraine in the 20-degree frost outside the window.

As reported, activists in uniform and members of Parliament have blocked a few Railways with the uncontrolled territory of Donbass. As of 7 February 11 is the day of the siege. The Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against the participants of the blockade, because their actions are illegal.

Note that the blockade will inevitably lead not only to rolling blackouts, but also to the shortfall in the budget. Alternative – coal from Russia. The purchase of coal in Russia is possible only for the currency at a high price that will inevitably lead to the growth rate. Moreover, the blockade is a priori illegal and undermines the investment climate of the country, and this is not a short-term problem for the country, and the damage for years. In the end, Russia wins, Ukraine will lose.